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Michail 22 May 2023
Sony Android Rumors
We’ve seen more foldable smartphones released in the past year from a larger pool of brands and a new rumor suggests Sony will also join in with its own clamshell foldable. The new rumor emerged in a forum post from South Korea though the shared info is murky to say the least. The source claims we’ll see a next-generation high-end clamshell foldable of the Xperia Compact series.
Xperia Compact Fold renders Xperia Compact Fold renders
Xperia Compact foldable CAD renders
The rumored device will reportedly come without a cover screen which sounds strange as all of the other vertically folding phones so far have some sort of secondary screen. There’s no other specs info at the moment so we’ll just have to wait and see if Sony is really planning to rekindle the Xperia Compact series as a clamshell foldable.
Via (in Japanese)
Clearly not which was exactly my point…..
Right….because Apple iPhones and iPads are priced for the average everyday man huh?
Even gsmarena is believing TechConfigurations (the creator of the video of the foldable, which is the picture) 💀
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