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Have you ever tried exercising and at some point, you thought, ‘Whoa, my heart is beating way too fast’ or ‘I always get too dizzy’? Well, such experiences can affect commitment and motivation to maintain a workout routine. Not knowing what you need and how your body works during exercise can be a great hindrance to achieving your health goals. No worries, we got you. We have gathered over 30 gadgets and apps to help you track your workouts, set goals, compete in a community, and have fun while exercising.
If you’re serious about getting fit, the latest wearable tech and fitness apps can help motivate you to move more. Here are 15 of the top gadgets and apps to track your workout.
Wearable bands such as the Fitbit Charge 4 or Xiaomi Mi Band 5 monitor your steps, heart rate, calories burned and sleep. Sync them to an app to log your progress and set goals.
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For a mini wrist computer, go for the Apple Watch Series 6 or Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. They provide advanced fitness tracking with built-in GPS to map your run or ride. Receive notifications and stream music too.
A chest strap like the Polar H10 or wrist monitor such as the Letsfit Fitness Tracker provides constant heart rate data during your workout. Useful for optimizing fat burn or improving cardio endurance.
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For cycling enthusiasts, the Garmin Edge 530 helps track essential stats like speed, distance, ascent and location. Provides turn-by-turn navigation so you never get lost on a new trail.
Interactive machines such as the Peloton bike, Tonal strength training system or FightCamp boxing equipment provide high-energy workouts with on-demand and live-streaming classes to keep you pumped.
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Tracking your exercise with the latest tech toys is a great way to stay on top of your goals and motivated to achieve more. It helps that they are aesthetically pleasing! Find what works for your needs and budget.
To stay motivated during your workout, the right apps, just like the right gadgets, can make a world of difference. Here are 15 essentials guaranteed to keep you going.
Fitbit, Garmin or Xiaomi Mi bands monitor your steps, distance, calories and sleep. Seeing your progress will keep you accountable.
Nike+ Run Club, Strava and MapMyRun use your phone’s GPS to track your running route, pace, time and distance. You can set goals, join challenges and share your runs with friends.
Interval Timer, Seconds and Gymboss help you precisely time workouts with intervals, circuits and tabatas. No more guessing how long you have left in that plank.
They let you access motivating music, podcasts, audiobooks and classes. Try Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube for everything from dance tracks to yoga flows.
MyFitnessPal, Lose It! and Nutritionix helps ensure you stay on track by recording your daily food and exercise. Input what you eat and your workouts and the app provides feedback.
They offer instructional videos and audio for exercises like strength training, HIIT, yoga and Pilates. Aaptiv, Nike+ Training Club and Adidas Training by Runtastic are all great options.
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Apple Watch, Fitbit Ionic and Samsung Galaxy Watch provide at-a-glance fitness metrics and notifications to keep you moving throughout the day.
Staying active requires motivation and making progress requires tracking and adjustments. These gadgets and apps provide an extra push to get you to the gym, start that run or just keep you on your feet. Pick a few to keep exercise fun and rewarding. Your body and mind will thank you.
There are tons of options out there for workout tech, so choosing what’s right for you depends on your needs and fitness goals. Some of the most popular types of gadgets and apps include fitness trackers, smartwatches, heart rate monitors, and running apps.
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Think about your needs and priorities to determine the best options.
Do you want to track specific metrics like steps, calories or sleep? Look for a fitness tracker or smartwatch.
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An app tailored to your activity with built-in training plans may be useful. Some connect to trackers for monitoring heart rate and pace.
There are many affordable, entry-level options to get you started. You can always upgrade to more advanced tech later on.
Start simply by downloading a few popular free fitness apps to log your workouts and see your progress. You can then invest in a tracker or smartwatch if you want access to more stats.
The most important thing is just getting started and sticking with it. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the tech and options out there. Start with the basics and you can build from there as your needs and skills develop. The key is consistency, not fancy gadgets. However, the right tools and motivation can certainly help you along the way.
This list of gadgets and apps can help you find your exercise routine. Whether you want muscles, and mental health, to run, or get on a bike, among other exercises, with the help of technology, you have no excuses to skip your workout.
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Whether you need some pump-up music, statistics to keep you going, virtual coaching, or just an accountability partner, these tools have got you covered. Staying active and healthy is a journey and with the right motivation and support, you’ll get to where you want to go.
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