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Check out all the abilities and weapons in THE FINALS before the game releases.
THE FINALS’ second closed beta is here, and fans have waited in anticipation for this day. Not everyone has received entry into the game, however. But those who have are using the opportunity to try out the game’s three character classes and each of their abilities, gadgets, and weapons.
The objective of the game is simple: Players are placed in teams of three with the task of finding a randomly generated cash drop and escorting it to a designated location elsewhere on the map. Two other teams will hunt you down in the process, attempting to steal the cash drop out from under your nose. You’ll have a variety of weapons, abilities, and gadgets at your disposal as you duel it out with your foes in this fast-paced, first-person shooter.
Before you load into a match, you’ll get to choose one of three classes: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each class has access to a variety of weapons, abilities, and gadgets, like grenades and ziplines. You’ll be able to select one specialization, one weapon, and three gadgets per loadout, but this loadout can be changed during a match.
The Light class specializes in mobility. It’s the smallest hitbox of the three classes, but it also suffers from the smallest health pool. The Light class wants to get up close and personal, and then get out. Its weapon pool consists mostly of close-range weapons—such as submachine guns, pistols, and melee weapons—but it also has a few rifles for trick-shot enthusiasts.
The Heavy class, on the other hand, boasts the largest amount of health and the largest hitbox, but it lacks mobility. It has fewer weapons to its name than the Light class, but those it does have includes LMGs, a sledgehammer, a shotgun, and a flamethrower.
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The Medium class is the Goldilocks of the three; it’s got average health and movement speed, and is a good pick for first-time players as a result. With a shotgun, two assault rifles, a grenade launcher, and a riot shield in its arsenal, the Medium class excels in mid-range combat.
Below are all the weapons, specializations, and gadgets for each class, as well as their in-game descriptions. This information is based on the second closed beta that began on June 14 and will run until June 21. Given that the game is still in a testing phase, many of the items below may be subject to change before the game’s official launch later this year.
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