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by: Charlie Fripp, BestReviews Staff
by: Charlie Fripp, BestReviews Staff
After you’ve arrived at your camping spot and unpacked all the gear, you probably deserve a cold beverage for all your hard work. Before taking a seat in your comfy camping chair, you need to rummage through your backpack for the bottle opener. If you can’t find it, you’d have no way to relax for a minute. Luckily, you remembered to clip a double-sided bottle opener to the bag for easy access. It’s gadgets like these that make your camping trip just that much better, and you’ll never have to say, “I wish there were a gadget for that” ever again.    
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There are several things you simply can’t go without when camping. Whether driving to your overnight location or hiking there, you’ll need a tent, some fire-making equipment and a few sealable containers with food. It’s also crucial that you pack a first aid kit, as there are bound to be scrapes, nicks and cuts. 
Unless you’re attempting to camp as rustically as possible, you can also afford yourself some home comforts and gadgets that make the experience better. For example, it’s fun to wash off in a river or lake, but a camping shower you hook onto a tree is amazing. Need to see where you’re going at night but have your hands full? Don’t reach for the headlamp, instead clip some nifty lights to your shoes!  
Best Nite Ize Ahhh Dual Bottle Opener
Nite Ize Ahhh Dual Bottle Opener
You’ll never struggle to find this double-sided bottle opener, as it quickly clips onto any bag or loops with its built-in carabiner. The durable steel construction is robust enough to pop caps off bottles with minimal fuss, and it can also be used to secure other items to your bag or up a tree.
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Best Wavmill Portable Rechargeable Fan
Wavmill Portable Rechargeable Fan
Depending on where you’re camping, the nights can be hot and sweaty — you’ll be glad you packed this portable fan. The built-in rechargeable 10,000mAh battery doubles as an emergency power supply to charge mobile devices, and in the center is a powerful flashlight, too. It comes with a remote control, oscillates between 45 and 90 degrees and has four fan strengths.   
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Best Solar Bug Zapper for Outdoor
Kiles Solar Bug Zapper
Nothing ruins a camping trip faster than flying critters pestering everyone. This bug zapper recharges with sunlight during the day and is ready to rid the campsite of bugs at night. Inside the plastic cage is a UV light bulb that beams between 365 and 395 nm wavelengths, attracting flying insects to the 4,200V high-voltage electric shocker from 1,500 feet away. The 4,000mAh battery is also rechargeable through a power bank, and there’s a flashlight on the side.
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Best Chorpeti Headlights for Crocs
Chorpeti Headlights for Crocs
You’ll need a flashlight to see where you’re going at night, but it’s challenging when you have your hands full with eating utensils, bedding or setting up camp. A headlamp is a good option, but it’s even better to shine a light where you walk with these clip-on headlights for your Crocs shoes. They have three lighting modes, and the battery lasts for 72 hours.
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Best UNO Splash Waterproof Card Game
Uno Splash Waterproof Card Game
Every camping trip needs some entertainment, but when the playing cards get wet, that’s usually the end of it. These Uno cards are specially coated with a water repellent, and they come with a plastic clip to keep them together. The game is unchanged from the original format, so there’s no need to learn additional rules, and it’s incredibly easy for newcomers to pick up.
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Best LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
Fresh water isn’t always abundant, so you might wish for a gadget that magically produces clean drinking water. This is the perfect device for that. There’s no need to boil or remove the water from the source, as you simply sip it through the microfiltration membrane. It removes 99.999% of waterborne bacteria and parasites and is guaranteed to effectively filter up to 1,000 gallons.   
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Best 4Monster Camping Towels
4Monster Camping Towels
Whether camping by the lake or deep in the forest, you’ll have to dry yourself off at some point. A thick cotton towel gets the job done at home, but it’s not always practical to pack a few of them for camping. These super-absorbent camping towels are made from microfiber, come in various sizes and, due to their thinness, dry quickly. Each one comes in a ventilated carry case, making it easy to pack away without taking up space.
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Best Allwei 78000mAh Portable Power Station
Allwei 78,000mAh Portable Power Station
If there’s one thing that will definitely make your camping trip a whole lot better, it’s having electrical power for lights, charging and light cooking. This portable power station has a built-in 78,000mAh battery (enough to fully charge 24 iPhone 13s), a cooling fan and a built-in flashlight. There are two outlet sockets, two USB ports for charging mobile phones, a USB-C port and three 12-volt, 3-amp DC jacks. You also won’t be caught without power since there’s an LCD display that shows the available power, the current draw and what is connected to it. Sold separately, you can connect the Allwei solar panel to recharge it during the day.
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