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Yordan 03 June 2023
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The vivo X Fold2 launched in April, but the company confirmed its plans to keep the smartphone in China. Despite the sad news for international fans of the brand and of the foldable scene, we received one unit in Blue to run our tests.
This is our first encounter with OriginOS 3, but perhaps this is the best phone to review it on. The extra depth due to the phone being foldable gives us a lot of features to explore. But first, let’s see what’s inside X Fold2’s box.
There is a Blue leather case for the back panel, matching the finish of the phone itself. Thanks to the transparent element, the glass part is still visible, and the whole case clicks neatly and fits the overall design. There is also a 120W fast charger, a USB-C cable, a SIM tray ejection pin and some warranty documents that are unusable outside China.
The X Fold2 is a lot lighter than its predecessor, shedding over 10% of the significant weight. The 279-gram weight is still more than the Honor Magic Vs or the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 on paper, but it’s not close enough so you won’t feel the difference in real life. The vivo phone folds and unfolds smoothly and feels comfortable when held in one hand or with two hands.
The slightly more weight is justified with bigger screens – the cover has a 6.53” AMOLED panel, while on the inside you find a huge 8.03” LTPO4 AMOLED, the biggest in the industry.
On top of that, there are under-display fingerprint scanners behind both panels – a unique feature among foldables. And just like other vivo phones, they work quickly and reliably.
Under-display fingerprints on both displays Under-display fingerprints on both displays
Under-display fingerprints on both displays
The vivo X Fold2’s highlights continue with the charging department. It has a 4,800 mAh battery that supports vivo’s FlashCharge at 120W – almost twice as fast as the next best thing, the Oppo Find N2. The company claimed 0 to 100% can be done in just 26 minutes, and we will definitely test that. The phone is also the fastest on the stand – 50W Wireless, and we have just the right charger to do our tests on.
There is also 10W reverse wireless charging for all kinds of smart wearables. The vivo X Fold2 supports reverse wired charging as well, although we’ve rarely found much use for that on any phone.
The back has a 50 MP main camera, a 12 MP telephoto unit with 2x optical zoom and a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle shooter, matching the vivo X90. There are two selfie cameras, one on the cover display and another on the inside, and both of them have 16 MP sensors and f/2.5 apertures.
The vivo X Fold2 The vivo X Fold2
The vivo X Fold2
The vivo X Fold2 is the only foldable on the market right now, running on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Unfortunately, not many users will be able to buy it, but we will still run our tests to see how it stacks against the competition.
Here's one improvement though, hey it's around 40 grams lighter
I believe they maybe fine tuning it for the world release to come. Also if not wrong, most of their earlier half of the year releases are China-limited while the later half is world-wide releases. Hope the next announcement to come is meant for w…
I wish they hadn't done any of that, and released it globally. The design looks so incredibly nice, especially the red one. I wish it had a 50 MP wide 1 inch sensor, a 50 MP ultrawide 1/1.5 inch sensor and a 50 MP periscope telephoto 1/1.3 inch …
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