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I’ve seen and used countless laptops over the years. From impossibly lightweight machines to gaming powerhouses, I’ve tried them all. But nothing quite excites me like a Framework laptop, which is designed to be taken apart and repaired or upgraded by the user. Not only does this extend the life of your laptop, but it also helps reduce the e-waste problem we’re currently facing. It’s the kind of machine that encourages you to get in there and tinker away.
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IDG / Ashley Biancuzzo
Say you want to swap out the memory or storage on your current laptop. If those parts are soldered on, you’re out of luck. That means these parts can’t be removed. That’s a real bummer because you’re stuck with a machine that will be rendered obsolete at some point in the future, especially with the arrival of newer (faster) processors and graphics cards. That’s not the case with Framework laptops. They’re designed to last, which is what I love most about them.
Thanks to the modular design, in which every piece fits like a piece of the puzzle, Framework laptops are upgradeable and repairable. Framework laptops offer a rare view of the internal bits, which not everyone gets to see. The best part is that everything is clearly labeled (as you can see in the above picture), which takes out any guesswork. All you need is a cellular device to scan the bar codes and boom, you’re directed to the right piece of hardware on the Framework website.
What do you do with a laptop you no longer use anymore? Sure, there are ways to properly re-purpose them, but most of the time they end up buried in a landfill. This is far from ideal because electronic devices will dissolve over time and poison the soil with toxic matter. It’s not a great solution for the environment, which gets a lot of unnecessary abuse from us humans. If you’re an eco-conscious buyer, you should really consider picking up a Framework laptop, as they can be updated and repaired. It won’t be rendered obsolete, so long as you choose to upgrade it.
There’s a massive difference between reviewing and writing about laptops and disassembling them for fun. Sure, as the person who spearheads the laptop effort at PCWorld, I probably know more about them than the everyday consumer. However, I was never confident in my ability to carefully take apart the sensitive hardware inside of these machines. One wrong move and you’re in trouble. But Framework makes it fun and easy and accessible to just about anyone.
At the end of the day, I feel empowered. Playing around with the internal bits of a Framework laptop really builds my confidence and helps me better understand what goes on behind the scenes. I like being able to choose the hardware I want inside of my laptop. There’s a real sense of freedom here, which I find lacking with most laptops I’ve reviewed over the years. Honestly? Switching out the parts or taking them out to examine them with a closer eye is just plain fun for me.
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