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Peter 19 June 2023
Samsung Android Mobile hardware
After launching the Galaxy self-repair program in the US last year and expanding it to South Korea last month, Samsung has now brought the program to Europe – by the end of June it will be available in Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
Right now the program covers the three previous generations of S-series flagships, the Galaxy S20, S21 and S22, with replacement screens, back panels and charging connectors being available. Note that the screen replacement kit also includes a new battery.
You can pick up a set of tools that is required to take the phone apart for just under €30. A new charging port for a Galaxy S20 will cost you €50, the back panel is about the same, while an official display is €200. The parts for higher end models cost more, the same goes for newer models, e.g. an S22 Ultra screen is €310. You can see the parts prices in Germany here.
Tools New screen and battery New screen and battery Replacement USB-C port New back panel
Tools • New screen and battery • Replacement USB-C port • New back panel
Samsung has instructional videos that will guide you through the process of removing the old part and installing the new one (and all the steps in between).
Besides the phones, the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 laptops are also part of the self-repair program. The following parts are available: case front, case rear, display, battery, touchpad, power key with fingerprint reader and rubber feet.
Samsung is working with authorized distributors such as ASWO and 2Service to handle the sales and distribution of the repair kits.
Note that the self-repair program is already live in several countries, but others (e.g. the UK) will have to wait until the end of the month before parts are available. Also, if you’re wondering why there are no parts for the Galaxy S23 series, it’s probably because they are still new and under warranty. Parts for the S23 trio should be added soon, though. The S22 phones weren’t part of the original launch in the US either, they were added earlier this year.
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Quite limited at the moment. Samsung's site and local redirects don't seem to have much in stock. Their trade partners either don't sell to private customers (only dealing with businesses), or don't have any parts at all …
This is funny. Even genuine S6 edge plus screen cost 300 for new part plus cost of repair. Whole phone dont have value of 400 now. Not even 100 bucks is worth when working properly. Better to buy new phone than paying expensive repair.
Okay I will try:p
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