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magnesium metal gaming mouse
StormBreaker, have announced the launch of its new ultra-lightweight StormBreaker mouse, constructed from magnesium metal alloy and designed specifically for gaming performance. The new high-performance gaming mouse is now available to purchase priced at $169 and boasts an impressive 0.6 ms average click latency with a wireless 2000 Hz polling rate, verified through rigorous LDAT testing.
By embedding the latest MCU, sensor, and High Speed Polling Rate Receiver Pyramid, StormBreaker promises zero lag in wireless mode, and a true 2000 Hz polling rate. This is twice the rate of standard gaming mice, offering gamers the ultimate in response time and tracking says Pwnage and crucial for any intense gaming challenge or competitive competition gaming.
StormBreaker magnesium gaming mouse colors
“There is no other gaming mouse on the market that can match StormBreaker’s personalized responsiveness, control, accuracy and speed for competitive games,” said Henry Lai, CEO, Pwnage. “StormBreaker is a magnesium alloy gaming masterpiece; raising the bar for what is possible in a gaming mouse and is poised to be the mouse of choice for gamers of all skill levels – from beginner to professional.”

This StormBreaker mouse distinctive design features a robust magnesium alloy exoskeleton, fashioned into an intricate and ultra-durable ergonomic shape. With a feather-light weight of just 51 grams and the lowest density in its class, the StormBreaker offers an optimal strength-to-weight ratio without compromising on size, shape, balance, or function, making it a truly ultra-lightweight gaming mouse.
StormBreaker is also equipped with Pwnage’s patented adjustable sensor technology, known for enhancing accuracy, aim control, and in-game performance. This personalized sensor technology significantly reduces the margin of tracking error, leading to a speed and accuracy increase of up to 14%, and reducing path deviation while aiming by up to 23%. In essence, the StormBreaker is a gamer’s dream come true, loaded with critical features designed to provide a competitive edge.

“StormBreaker preorders will start shipping later this month. Our quality control team is taking extra time to ensure all units meet our standards. Due to the complexity of magnesium production and manual hand work required for each unit, orders will be shipped by color in batches in the order they were received. Thanks for your patience and understanding!”

Source : Pwnage

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