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Vlad 20 June 2023
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After many months of leaks and speculation, Google finally made the Pixel Fold official last month. Today, AT&T has announced it’s starting to take pre-orders for the search giant’s first foldable smartphone. Oh, and for a limited time it’s half the price it should be!
That’s a pretty substantial deal right out of the gate. Of course there are caveats – this is a US carrier deal, after all, you pretty much can’t have one without the other.
So, you need to opt for a qualifying AT&T installment plan, and get an eligible AT&T unlimited plan. And act fast, as this is a limited-time offer (though AT&T isn’t saying exactly when it will end).
You can be a new or existing customer, and there’s no trade-in required. You’ll get the phone for $25 per month (after bill credits) on a three-year installment plan. That adds up to a grand total of $900 – exactly half off the recommended retail price.
As usual with ‘bill credits’ type deals, if you cancel service, the credits will stop and the device balance becomes due immediately. For new lines, if you cancel service on other lines within 90 days, credits will stop.
If you can live with all of that, this is one of the best deals in recent memory. So if you’ve been eyeing the Pixel Fold but wasn’t very excited about its price, this might be for you. AT&T says shipping of pre-orders will happen by July 13.
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