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You can use the S Pen with your Galaxy Book convertible for drawing and note taking, but there are also some replacements to consider
One of the best things about Samsung Galaxy Book laptops is the AMOLED screen. Unlike the LCD panels on other great Windows convertible laptops and even standard Windows laptops, the AMOLED panels can push out more vibrant-looking images, and incredible levels of contrast. This makes these devices great for multimedia experiences.
Yet, artists and those who are into drawing might love Galaxy Book 360 devices too. Unlike the standard Galaxy Book models, only Galaxy Book 360 devices support pen input. And, since you can flip the screen around on these devices, it is enticing for students and those in business who need a device for note-taking. So, why not consider buying a pen? Galaxy Book 360 devices work with the Samsung S Pen, but you also pick up a Wacom EMR pen to use, too. Check out eight of our favorites below.
This is the official pen for Galaxy Book laptops. It is shaped a bit like a real pen and has near zero-latency inking. The pen tip is quite small, which might be preferred by some people who have dinner handwriting.
The Wacom One Pen is one of the more affordable pens for the Galaxy Book series. It’s large-sized, so it’s easier to use for a longer period of time. It also has pressure sensitivity and tile support for natural drawing and note taking.
The Samsung S Pen Pro is a more premium version of the S Pen. It’s thicker and longer than the main S Pen and should feel similar to a paintbrush. It also works with both the Z Fold devices and has Bluetooth, so it can be a remote.
This pen for the Galaxy Book device is quite a unique one. It works with Apple devices, too. What’s special about is it that it has a copper tip that interacts with your screen. It recharges via USB-C.
Want a pen for your Galaxy Book that resembles a real pencil? That’s what the Staedtler Noris Digital Classic is. It’s a stylus in a traditional hexagonal shape. It never needs batteries or to be recharged, similar to the S Pen.
For those who might have small hands, the Boox Stylus Triangle Pen is a product that you might want to consider. It’s smaller than most pens, and it even has an eraser.
This S Pen is similar to the one that comes with Samsung’s Galaxy phones. It’s a bit longer, though, and is much cheaper. The biggest difference is that it also has a clip, so it won’t get lost easily.
This isn’t a traditional pen for the Galaxy Book. It just acts as a finger input on your screen. It’s one of the cheaper options on this list.
From Samsung to Oaso, those are the best pens for the Samsung Galaxy Book laptops. There's no doubt about it, if you want the very best pen, it's the official pen, the Samsung S Pen. It's a pen that's certified to work with any Galaxy Book laptop that supports pen input. It also has near-zero latency, so it will have excellent inking accuracy. And we can't forget the fact that it never needs charging. There are other options, too, including the S Pen Pro, which has Bluetooth connectivity, or the Staedtler Noris Digital Classic which resembles a traditional pencil. No matter what pen you want, and how you might be drawing or inking on your Galaxy Book laptop, there's a pen for you to enjoy.
The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 is a 16-inch convertible laptop with a stunning AMOLED display and 13th-generation Intel Core processors. A 5G model is also on the way.
The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 360 is a convertible laptop with a more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio, but it keeps a lot of what makes Samsung's flagship laptops great.
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