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Peter 07 June 2023
Samsung Android Rumors
The Motorola Razr 40 Ultra set the new benchmark for cover displays on flip foldables – its 3.6” 1,056 x 1,066px display (413ppi) is about as large as possible, it even has punch holes for the rear cameras. The consensus in the rumor mill is that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 will not be able to match it.
Current info suggests that the new Flip will have a 3.4” 720 x 748p (304ppi) display that stops short of the cameras and goes around them with a shallow notch as can be seen in early 3D renders.
Yogesh Brar posted a summary of the expected specs for the Galaxy Z Flip5, which match up with previous reports. The Samsung phone will top the likes of the Razr 40 Ultra and vivo X Fold (both of which have SD 8+ Gen 1 chipsets) with its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, presumably the higher-clocked “for Galaxy” version to boot.
Efficiency gains from the Gen 2 chip will be depended on for battery life improvements as the battery subsystem remains the same – 3,700mAh capacity, 25W charging. The old Flip got a 92h endurance rating.
Nothing new for the camera system either, the phone is expected to bring the familiar 12+12MP setup. Additional details include 8GB of RAM and 128/256GB storage, plus Android 13 and OneUI 5.1. There is a chance that Samsung will enable DeX on the Z Flip for the first time, but that isn’t certain.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 (speculative render) Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 (speculative render)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 (speculative render)
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is expected to start at $1,000, according to Brar, same as the Z Flip4. The Razr 40 Ultra (aka Razr+) will also be $1,000 in the US. The Samsung Unpacked event is scheduled for in late July.
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When will these companies get it ughhh. More battery and 45 watt charging standard. Can have all the features in the world but if the battery is small it is a failllll. Further, are they going to devalue the previous model like they did the s22 line …
And .. Z Flip6 comes with 8 Gen3.
disagree big time, better screen real estate with the fact it goes over them and looks sleeker/more modern to boot
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