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Gadgets Now Bureau22 Jun, 2023, 05:47PM IST
Scammers usually hack users’ phones and get access to its cameras in order to record intimate things and also pry at them for digital extortion. Using camera cover for both front and rear cameras can prevent this from happening as hackers won’t be able to see and record anything even after hacking the phone.

Flip covers usually keep the phone’s display covered and prevent anyone from accidentally looking at your phone’s notification or any other data even if the phone is unlocked.

Physical Security key is a USB-like hardware that carries the encrypted password and login credentials for an account, device and other tools. Once it is set, users will need to insert the security key in order to unlock the phone, app or account.

Faraday bag for phones is a protective pouch that blocks electromagnetic signals, such as calls, texts, and GPS, effectively isolating the phone from external communication and protecting it from hacking, tracking, and data theft.

Getting phone data stolen while charging in public has become a common phenomenon these days. It’s called Juice jacking. USB data blockers, also called USB condoms, are small adapters that block the data transfer pins in a USB cable, allowing only the power pins to establish a connection. This allows users to charge their phones using public charge without any worry.

Most modern phones come with NFC and also allow users to make payments via NFC. That said, users will have to add their cards to the phone to make payments. An RFID blocking card can prevent scammers from accessing that information in public places. This, in fact, can also protect you from getting your money stolen from your credit or debit cards.

The most common privacy hardware you can buy is a privacy screen protector. It is like your regular screen guard that acts as a privacy filter and prevents others from viewing your phone screen from an angle. This can be helpful if you are using your device in public or if you want to keep your information private.


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