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Staying cüle in sküle (shout-out to Brady Bunch).
Education laptops can be a bit boring, but Asus has swooped in at Computex with four new models that make us interested in learning all over again!
Look past the rather uncreative naming — the BR1102C (or F) and the BR1420C (or F) — these standard clamshells (noted by the C in the name) or 2-in-1s (the F), offer a feature set that seems perfect for even the clumsiest of kids. Let’s break down what I love about them.Asus' brand new educational laptopsWhen dealing with young’uns, expect your technology to take a knock or two. That’s a lesson I learnt the hard way with a small dent in the bottom of my M2 Pro MacBook Pro. Asus is one step ahead of these kids, and has built these education laptops to withstand a whole lot of abuse.
From the military grade durability (STD-810H test approved to be specific) to a rugged texture that feels great to the touch, alongside rubberized edges, and a spill-resistant keyboard, you’re going to feel a whole lot of confidence in using this — no matter how clumsy you may be.
In fact, its resistance to extreme temperatures is clear by the fact that the 11-inch is the first educational laptop to be used in Antarctica!Asus' brand new educational laptopsOn the 2-in-1 F versions of these laptops, you’ll get your standard 720p shooter atop the display. But what on Earth is that 13MP world facing camera that’s on the dock? I’m not entirely sure I want a keyboard cam looking up at my second chin!
Well, this detailed shooter has one key education goal in mind: implementing AR into learning. Imagine a pop up book coming to life, as teachers can utilize this fascinating new teaching aid.Asus' brand new educational laptopsWhen it comes to K12 students (Kindergarten to 12th grade, for those who didn’t know this abbreviation like me), power demands can vary based on what you’re learning. But for the core curriculum, you’re not going to need outstanding amounts of peak performance.
That’s why Asus has low balled the specs somewhat (perceptively when you compare to other announced laptops) — up to Intel Core i3-N305 CPU, up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 512GB SSD. That’s going to be enough for your standard office suite, and educational applications.Asus' brand new educational laptopsThe average school day can last up to seven hours, so you’re going to need decent stamina to last throughout it all. It can’t fall asleep in the middle of Math 230 like you probably did!
Thanks to a combination of those lower power internals and a pretty beasty battery capacity in both the 11 and 14-inch (50Whr), you can get up to 12 hours of longevity on a single charge.Asus' brand new educational laptopsAnd to top it all off, both of these systems are modular in design. That means they are easy to repair, and with expandable slots for RAM and SSD storage, easy to expand the memory within for additional educational applications.
Because they may be rock hard durable, but that doesn’t guarantee the components will last as long as your time in school. So to ensure a right to repair ensures a greater longevity for sure!
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