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Yordan 22 June 2023
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Qualcomm announced it is expanding the S3 Gen 2 Sound with optimized latency that goes below 20 ms for “lag-free gaming audio.” Manufacturers can also utilize the platform to add Auracast broadcast audio functionality to dongles and adapters with source devices such as phones, laptops, and TVs.
The enhanced solution is optimized for gaming, revealed the official press release. It is a combination of Snapdragon Sound and LE Audio. It delivers “ultra-low latency of 20 less than 20 ms”, and it can get even further reduced with the source device delivering game audio only. Music listeners can enjoy 24-bit 96 kHz high-res Bluetooth streaming, enabled through the support of Snapdragon Sound and aptX Adaptive audio.
Mike Canevaro, director, marketing, and head of Snapdragon Sound at Qualcomm, said the company knows from its annual State of Sound survey that consumers want lag-free audio for gaming and immersive wireless audio experience. The new platform has been optimized to provide this on a smartphone and not just through proprietary gaming solutions.
The press release also states that headsets and earbuds that support Qualcomm S5 and S3 Gen 2 technology will deliver robust connectivity and dynamic latency adaptation. This means gamers will be able to walk away from their consoles or PCs and still hear all the action in real-time with no audio interruptions.
That bandwidth is not possible. Uncompressed, that's 8GB/s, which is more than top-end SSDs and more than the total memory bandwidth of some phones. And due to diminishing returns, this is indistinguishable from current hi-fi audio systems. …
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Qualcom is preparing a new dotec, be patient, 3 years ago they weren't even close to how they are now!! Imagine at least 2 more years, say goodbye to cables
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