Amazon shoppers rush to buy must-have $110 kids gadget scanning for $54 – it’s a ‘best seller’… – The US Sun

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A KIDS gadget has caught the attention of online shoppers as they rush to buy the best-selling item listed at half-off.
At an original price of about $110, the popular tech device is available on Amazon at around $54.
That means shoppers can snag the eCommerce giant's 2022 Blue Fire 7 Tablet for children ages three through seven for 50 percent off the original price, per Amazon's website.
The specific model of the tablet is the 16-gigabyte version, equipped with ad-free content, parental controls, and 10-hour battery life.
It comes in Amazon's blue casing and has a two-year guarantee if the tablet is somehow broken after shoppers buy it.
Additionally, the company offers a year's-worth of its Kids+ program with the purchase of the tablet, which includes games, apps, videos, ad-free books, and more.
If a child prefers another color instead of blue, the Fire 7 Tablet also comes in purple and red for the same price of $54.99 with the sale.
The only time the price would increase slightly is if parents wanted the 32-gigabyte storage version, which only comes in the red coloring, and in that case, the total would be $59.99.
Even though the price is slightly higher for the larger storage, the 32-gigabyte offers an even better sale than its original listing of $129.99.
The deals and features that come with the 2022 Fire 7 Tablet have caught the attention and praise of shoppers for some time, as it earned a number one best-seller rating in Amazon's computers and accessories section.
At least 78 percent of customers also gave the item a five-star review and praised the gadget's features and durability with their children.
"My 4 year old is rough on just about everything. We needed something that could withstand her daily use and we're so glad we went with this," one shopper wrote.
"I bought this for my kiddos to take on a 10 hour road trip, it’s a great first tablet for kids. Easy to use once you get a hang of it. It holds quite a bit but I ordered another memory card for extra storage," another added.
A third said: "We purchased this for family use and both of my girls 2 and 10 are able to use this with age appropriate profiles and I can monitor use from my phone so the preteen doesn't know im snooping!"
Amazon also offers two upgraded versions of the Fire Tablet — Fire HD 8 Kids and Fire HD 10 Kids.
Both are on sale as well, with the former listed at 50 percent off its original price for a total of $74.99 and the latter at $119.99, which is 40 percent off its previous price point.
The Fire Tablets also aren't the only tech items causing shoppers to rush to Amazon in the past few weeks.
As The U.S. Sun previously reported, the eCommerce giant recently slashed prices on a popular Ring Doorbell system bundle.
It comes with the Ring doorbell system and the Amazon Echo Pop.
It's currently being offered at a 62 percent discount on Amazon's website.
In the past, the bundle went for $104.98 but is currently priced at just $39.99.
Amazon noted that the deal was a best-seller on its website at the time of publishing.
It's unclear how long the deal will last, so shoppers have to act fast.
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