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How to use Zoom Continuous meeting chat
Zoom Continuous meeting chat is a new feature that allows meeting participants to communicate before, during, and after a meeting by creating a dedicated group chat in Zoom Team Chat. Zoom’s Continuous Meeting Chat is a fantastic new addition to virtual communication, addressing the common issue of lost or missed information during digital meetings. Allowing meeting participants to maintain a seamless flow of conversation, effectively bridging the gaps where data might otherwise be lost or forgotten.
In a typical scenario, a team member might share crucial project-related data, such as a link, during a meeting. However, if a participant needs to leave the meeting temporarily, they may miss this information. The search for such missed information post-meeting can be time-consuming and inefficient, often involving scrolling through various chats, contacting the original sender, and waiting for a response. This fragmented process can lead to miscommunication, unclear deadlines, overlooked tasks, and ultimately, productivity loss.
“Continuous meeting chat is an expansion of our original in-meeting chat, which allows you to chat with other attendees during a Zoom Meeting. The new feature allows meeting participants to communicate before, during, and after a meeting by creating a dedicated group chat in Zoom Team Chat for meeting participants.”

“When enabled, in-meeting chats will show up in that group chat as they are sent in the meeting, allowing conversations to continue after a meeting ends. When setting up a recurring meeting, you’ll have a group chat that follows the group for the entire project, in and out of meetings.
With continuous meeting chat, communicate before, during, and after a meeting through a dedicated group chat in Zoom Team Chat”
Zoom’s Continuous Meeting Chat aims to eliminate these disruptions by creating a persistent chat solution. This feature is an enhancement of the original in-meeting chat, enabling participants to communicate before, during, and after a meeting.
A dedicated group chat is set up in Zoom Team Chat for meeting attendees, ensuring that in-meeting chats are captured and available even after the meeting concludes. This is particularly useful for recurring meetings, as a consistent group chat will accompany the group throughout the project, regardless of the meeting schedule.
Here are some of the key functions of Zoom’s Continuous Meeting Chat:
To start using the Continuous Meeting Chat, follow these steps:
Please note that in order to use continuous meeting chat, you are required to have both Zoom Team Chat and meeting chat enabled.
The Continuous Meeting Chat feature is integrated with Zoom Team Chat, offering users access to a wide range of features. Users can easily switch between their continuous meeting chats, ongoing group discussions, channels, and one-on-one conversations within the same application. Additionally, the feature allows easy access to previously shared information and resources across mobile, web, or desktop applications for quick retrieval of crucial details.
In conclusion, Zoom’s Continuous Meeting Chat offers a robust solution to overcome the challenges posed by fragmented digital communication. By providing a platform for continuous and persistent conversation, it ensures no important information falls through the cracks, enhancing overall productivity and communication effectiveness.
For more information on using the Zoom Continuous meeting chat features with your team jump over to the official Zoom support site.

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