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SK hynix Beetle X31 portable SSD
SK hynix has this week launched its first portable SSD in the form of the SK hynix Beetle X31 designed specifically for consumers. As the company’s first portable SSD, the X31 has been praised for its superior performance, convenient portability, and stylish design following its launch in South Korea in May 2023.
The Beetle X31 portable SSD can reach operating speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) while it also possesses exceptional heat management capabilities. Its weight of just 53 grams and compact dimensions of 74 x 46 x 14.8 mm make it a perfect EDC portable SSD storage solution.
Beetle X31 portable SSD features
Compatible with a wide range of devices from PCs and Macs, tablet PCs, Android smartphones, and gaming consoles. The SSD is available with 512 GB or 1 TB of storage, the X31 comes standard with two USB cables (USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A) and a bumper case.
“The X31 combines SK hynix’s technologies which enabled optimal power consumption in the Gold P31 and the highest specifications for a consumer SSD in the Platinum P41. Moreover, while DRAM-less SSDs have become widespread as part of industry efforts to cut costs, SK hynix opted to maximize the performance of the X31 by applying DRAM as a buffer inside of the SSD. “
Beetle X31 portable SSD
“Accordingly, the X31 can deliver a maximum sequential read speed of 1,050 megabytes per second (MB/s) and a maximum sequential write speed of 1,000 MB/s. At these speeds, it is possible to transfer a 1 GB file in just one second. More specifically, the X31 is able to transfer 500 GB of data while maintaining an optimal speed of over 900 MB/s. This is because the X31 strikes a balance between managing heat generated from fast data movement and maximizing write speeds.”
Source : SK hynix

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