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Summer is here and one of the best ways to disconnect from the daily grind is to stay connected. Whether you’re spending those sunny days at the beach, on the road or opting for a staycation, here are some of the hottest tech gadgets and games –and powered with a strong Wi-Fi connection, they’ll take your summer experience to new heights.
Arccos Golf Smart Sensors Gen 3+ — Up your golf game with artificial intelligence. This smart caddie works on a phone as a rangefinder, adjusting in real-time for temperature, elevation, altitude, humidity and more while providing shot strategies.
Anker Nebula Apollo Projector — Directly download and stream movies on a wall or screen for an outdoor family or romantic movie night under the stars. Or take it indoors to culminate a long day of fun.
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Hatch Restore Alarm Clock — Summertime is for rejuvenating so stay asleep longer and wake up feeling better with this clock that creates a custom night and morning routine through soothing sounds and a gradual sunrise to gently wake you up.
Square Off Electronic A.I. Chess Board — Powered by artificial intelligence, your opponent’s pieces move themselves as you battle the advanced A.I., customized for your skill level. Use during your staycation or take it on the go wherever your vacation takes you.
Petcube Bites 2 Lite — Don’t forget about your four-legged family member while you’re away from home. The Petcube and app let you watch your pets through livestream video, talk to them via two-way audio and toss them a treat remotely from the Petcube. They’ll feel like they’re on vacation too!
And don’t forget your Wi-Fi. Having a strong, fast and reliable connection like Cox Internet makes it easy to connect to all the best tech gadgets and games, whether you’re at home, in the backyard or traveling. With Cox, you have access to more than four million wifi hotspots nationwide from San Diego and Las Vegas to Washington D.C. and Boston. Learn more at Cox.com.
Cox has no financial interest in any of these tech ideas. 
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