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ASUS ROG Ally teardown by iFixit
If you would like to learn more about the internal workings of the latest gaming handheld from ASUS in the form of the ROG Ally. You are sure to enjoy this quick four-minute ROG Ally teardown video created by iFixit providing a look at its internal workings and repairability. If you are unfamiliar with the new handheld game system it is capable of providing up to hours of gaming on a single charge or 6.8 hours of non-stop video playback.
The ROG Ally is also extremely lightweight weighing just 608 grams. This lightweight design makes the ROG Ally highly portable and comfortable for extended gaming sessions. The device also boasts a coating of Corning Gorilla Glass DXC, resulting in: Over 40% increase in surface hardness and reduced reflections for enhanced visibility in varying lighting conditions.

The ROG Ally doesn’t compromise when it comes to connectivity and audio. It is equipped with Wi-Fi 6E, which promises faster internet speeds, lower latency, and improved network capacity. When it comes to audio, the device houses dual front-firing Smart Amp speakers that feature Dolby Atmos. These, combined with Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation, provide an immersive audio experience and clearer voice chats.
What’s impressive about the ROG Ally is its innovative anti-gravity heat pipe system. This mechanism keeps the device cool even when held in an upside-down position. This cooling feature is supported by two low-friction, fluid-bearing fans. As for visual output, the device’s LCD display can reach a brightness of up to 500 nits. This guarantees clear visibility even in bright environments. Additionally, the touchscreen gets extra protection with Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®.
There’s more! The ROG Ally also comes with optional accessories to level up your gaming. These include the Ally Travel Case, Gaming Charger Dock, and the ROG Raikiri Pro. Plus, the device can be connected to an XG Mobile for extra graphics power and additional ports for peripherals and an external monitor.
A significant aspect of the ROG Ally’s design is the attention paid to user comfort and controls says ASUS. The device features RGB lighting around the joysticks, custom-tailored slants, curved handles, and strategically placed buttons, all of which enhance your gaming experience.
Additionally, it includes customized directional buttons, comfortable face buttons, highly customizable joysticks, and a trigger with hall sensors for detecting minute motions. The device also boasts rear buttons that can be used as standard buttons or for custom shortcuts, offering even more control flexibility.
Source : ASUS

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