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This guide will show you how to close iPhone apps on your iPhone. In today’s digital age, our smartphones are no longer just tools; they’ve morphed into indispensable companions that facilitate virtually every aspect of our daily lives. From keeping us interconnected through various communication platforms to serving as the primary source of entertainment via streaming services and gaming apps, from increasing productivity through task management and office apps to simplifying everyday chores with home automation tools — smartphones, particularly our iPhones, cater to every conceivable need. Given the multifaceted functionality of these devices, it’s quite natural to find ourselves juggling a plethora of apps throughout the day, leading to an overwhelming array of applications running concurrently on our devices.
While iOS — the operating system that powers iPhones — is intrinsically designed to manage apps proficiently, it must be noted that its efficiency does not negate the need for manual intervention at times. Whether an app becomes unresponsive, starts behaving erratically, or you simply want to preserve your device’s battery life, there will be occasions when you’ll need to take the helm and manually close some, if not all, of the apps on your iPhone.
In an attempt to streamline this process and assist you in efficiently managing your apps, this guide has been put together. Designed to be comprehensive and user-friendly, it will take you through the step-by-step procedure of closing apps on your iPhone, whether your device has a home button or not. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the details of maintaining a smoothly running iPhone by learning how to adeptly close apps when necessary.
If your iPhone model has a Home button – like the iPhone SE (2nd generation) and older models, follow these steps:
For newer iPhone models without a Home button, such as the iPhone X and later models, the process is slightly different.
Learning how to close apps on your iPhone is a simple but useful skill. It can help you troubleshoot malfunctioning apps and keep your device running smoothly. However, remember that the iOS operating system is designed to manage your apps efficiently, so you typically don’t need to close apps unless they are causing problems.  This guide was written using iOS 16.5.1 which is the current version of Apple’s iOS at the time of writing. We hope that you find this guide helpful and informative, if you have any comments or questions, please let us know in the comments section below.
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