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One of the key features in Opera One is the introduction of Tab Islands. This unique design element allows for easy arrangement of tabs into separate groups, providing more space for focused browsing. When a new tab is opened at the top of the browser, it commences a new group. Any tabs opened within this group remain connected, facilitating easy navigation to related tabs.
Opera One tabs Islands
Users can also freely drag and drop tabs between these groups, aptly named “islands”, and manage entire groups at once. The concept of Tab Islands, together with Workspaces on the top of the sidebar, simplifies the browsing experience and helps users to effectively separate and manage their browsing sessions.
Opera One also introduces a native AI, Aria. It is fully integrated into the Opera browser, both on desktop and in Opera for Android. Aria expands the capabilities of the browser by providing live access to the web. This AI feature is available in over 180 countries and provides up-to-date information instantly via Opera’s sidebar, adding a new dimension to the browsing experience.

The design of Opera One is modular and AI-ready. As new features and AI tools become available, the browser’s interface dynamically adjusts to accommodate them. The user interface has been reimagined to adapt as new features are added or tabs are opened.
Extensions, especially those with generative AI features, are grouped in a collapsible module in the address bar, simplifying the space while ensuring quick access. This modular design extends to the browser’s sidebar where elements are dynamically adjusted as others are added, paving the way for future AI integrations.
The new technology stack of Opera One has been reengineered to ensure that animations run smoothly without interruption. To address the issue of lag and stuttering that plagued previous attempts at reflecting the dynamic nature of the modern web, Opera One introduces a separate compositor thread that paints the active elements in the browser. The use of layer-based animations that run entirely in the compositor thread allows for continuous animation even if UI processes are interrupted, ensuring a smoother user experience.
Opera One also includes a range of essential features that are instantly accessible. A free VPN and ad blocker provide enhanced privacy and security, while blocking unwanted ads. The Integrated Browser AI features the inclusion of ChatGPT and Aria, Opera’s free and unlimited browser AI.
In the entertainment department, the player feature offers access to a host of music and podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal. Lastly, messengers like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram are fully integrated for a singular user experience.
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