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Want to make your daily meal prep easier? Check out these awesome kitchen gadgets and appliances that you’ll wish you discovered sooner!

Make fresh homemade pasta in minutes with Emeril Pasta and Beyond. Just add your favourite ingredients and let Emeril Pasta & Beyond do the rest. The super-powerful motor drives the mixing bar to knead and extrude evenly mixed dough and with 8 shaping discs you can make an endless variety of pasta. Emeril Pasta & Beyond has a large 450g capacity which is enough to make 8 servings of fresh pasta. But it doesn’t just make pasta! You can upgrade to the Deluxe Model that’s a Pasta maker, Juicer and Frozen Fruit Dessert maker, all-in-one. Emeril Pasta & Beyond is the fast, easy way to make delicious, fresh homemade pasta right in your own home.

VacPack Fresh is the easy to use, powerful, portable, handheld vacuum sealer that keeps food fresher for up to 4 x longer.
VacPack Fresh extracts air from the bag, creating an airtight seal to reduce the growth of bacteria and extend the life of food. And the Vac PackFresh reusable bags are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. So VacPack Fresh is perfect for marinating meats, preserving leftovers, and buying food in bulk, and portioning to save money. Keep food tasting it’s best by locking in flavour and freshness with VacPack Fresh.


BreadSmart by Tupperware is the easy and convenient way to keep bread fresh for up to 2 weeks.
The secret is in the innovative CondensControl membrane lid which regulates air and moisture levels inside the container to create the ideal atmosphere for breads. And it’s ideal for storing pastries, croissants and muffins too, so they stay soft, fresh and ready to eat for longer. Tupperware has been trusted in kitchens for over 75 years and BreadSmart is their innovative storage solution to help you reduce food waste, and saving money! That’s why over 4 million BreadSmart’s have already been sold worldwide!

Go Fryer is the amazing air frying lid that transforms your cookware into air fryers to cook delicious, healthier meals, for a fraction of the space and price of a traditional air fryer.
Go Fryers hot airflow technology and 1400 watts of power combines to transform your pots, pans and pressure cookers into air fryers. So you can cook as much, or as little as you need, simply by changing your cookware. Go Fryer comes with a tempered glass cover, 4 cooking presets and manual mode so you can cook it all. Achieve the rich flavour and crispy texture of fried food without a separate appliance with Go Fryer.

Safety Can Express™ is the amazing electric can opener that’s simple, quick and easy to use.
Safety Can Express™ is different from ordinary can openers because it breaks through the factory seal and unseals the lid without cutting into the can – eliminating sharp edges. Just attach the can and push the power lever down to enjoy smooth, safe edges in seconds. Safety Can Express™ locks your can in place so it won’t slip or fall, and once unsealed, the lid stays in place until you’re ready to pop it off, preventing spills and messes. No more twisting your wrist or squeezing handles. Now you can open cans the fast, easy way and get smooth safe edges with Safety Can Express™.

From the people that sold over 25 million Nicer Dicers comes 1 Second Slicer Pro – the amazing, all-in-one food preparation station.
With razor-sharp, stainless-steel blades, the 1 Second Slicer Pro easily chops, dices, quarters and juliennes right into the large collection container. Or add the V-Slicer insert to slice and shred in seconds. Plus, you also get a Bonus Julietti Spiral Slicer, ideal for veggie spaghetti and curly fires. The 1 Second Slicer Pro makes food prep a breeze and is a kitchen essential you won’t want to be without.


The Propert Smart Kitchen Scale is perfect for weighing dry and liquid ingredients up to 10kg with 1g/1ml increments.
This easy to use scale measures weight or liquid volume in both metric and imperial units. And the unit display can be altered with the touch of a button. The handy tare weighing function allows you to weigh additional ingredients as you go without the need to empty the bowl and restart. With a slim profile, tempered glass platform and easy to use functions, the Propert Smart Kitchen Scale is a must-have for every kitchen.

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