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Flipkart has announced an Exchange Program for non-functional gadgets with an aim to provide customers with an innovative, sustainable, and convenient solution to discard unused electronic and large appliances and upgrade to a product they aspire to have. It will also help in the management of e-waste in India thereby reducing its impact on the environment.
The Flipkart Exchange program enables customers to swap their non-functional appliances, smartphones, and feature phones, for a upgraded product.
This Exchange Program will help customers who are facing problem with the e-waste of defunct appliances. It will help them dispose the inoperative gadget and in return convert them into currencies for a upgraded product.
Flipkart has partnered with authorized vendors to ensure responsible disposal of e-waste through refurbishment, recycling, or proper disposal. The firm is aiming to help India in reducing e-waste management, which is currently the third-largest e-waste generator worldwide.
The program offers attractive buyback offers, doorstep pick-up of non-working appliances, and hand-in-hand exchanges of upgraded products.
If you are worried about data being stolen from your non-functioning device, then rest assured as the program takes measures to erase data from mobile phones, smartphones, feature phones, and laptops before they are refurbished or disposed of. With its efficient tech-driven processes and extensive logistics network, Flipkart ensures a hassle-free experience for customers, enabling the exchange in a single visit.
This program simplifies the process of discarding non-functional appliances and offers customers an exchange value that can be used to purchase upgraded products.
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