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1. Pets Best Life Yummy Combs – Next-Generation Dental Care Dog Treats  
$22.99~$23.99 (12 oz. package) // $45.98 (24 oz. package)  
Keep proper care of your pup’s dental and oral health with the Pets Best Life Yummy Combs. These next-generation dental care dog treats are formulated to help promote dogs’ dental and oral care, as they’re made in a unique six-sided honeycomb shape that helps to floss their teeth and scrub away tartar buildup in their gumline. These dental dog treats contain all the important ingredients your dog’s body needs to function properly, including 44% superior-quality animal protein that’s sourced specifically from chicken meal, several all-natural ingredients, and also 12 wellness ingredients that specifically help to promote overall wellness, heart health, joint health, digestive health, and also a healthy skin and coat.  
2. Tractive CAT Mini – GPS Tracker for Cats & Collar w/ In-App Activity Monitor  
Keep track of your kitty’s whereabouts and activities all day long with the Tractive CAT Mini. This cat GPS tracker is small, lightweight, waterproof, and comes with a weight-adjustable collar. The tracker works together with the Tractive GPS App, which has an affordable PREMIUM subscription plan for 175+ countries. Cat owners can see their cat’s location in real-time directly on their smartphone or a web browser, plus check where their cat has been and discover their favorite spots by checking the App’s Location History. Owners can also set a Safe-Zone perimeter within the App so they’re alerted if their cat strays too far from home.  Additionally, owners can also monitor their cat’s overall activity, movement, calories burned and sleep, and the app will calibrate a wellness score from the data. There’s also a Find Nearby function in the App that lets owners quickly find the tracker (or even their cat while wearing it) via a light or a sound whenever there’s a low GPS signal. Access to the Tractive GPS App can also be shared with other family members and cat-sitters at no extra cost.  
3. Scout & Zoe Super Fly Super Swarm  
$55.68 – 
Got a hankering to try something different for your pup? Scout & Zoe’s Super Fly products are just the ticket. Super Swarm is a trio of 3 ounces each of our black soldier fly larvae products, jerky, food topper, and whole larvae. Why Black Soldier Fly Larvae? It’s a very sustainable protein (good for the Earth), an alternative high-protein for pups with allergies. Born, raised, and harvested in the USA, the larvae are full of protein, lauric acids (as well as ten essential amino acids), unsaturated fats, and other minerals. Super Fly products pack a nutritional punch all while helping Mother Earth. When you consider that cats and dogs eat worms and insects anyway, why not be kind to nature while offering pets something super nutritious, sustainable, and void of any allergy-producing food and their ingredients? Many pets develop allergies to beef and chicken because they’ve been overexposed to these foods. Super Fly uses no resources to make, like wasted water and other food ingredients, except for rotting fruits and vegetables that have been discarded anyway…. PLUS, you can harvest larvae in 7-9 days, vs cattle that take 18 months to raise. Scout & Zoe can produce 100s of billions of larvae without any cost or land resources.  
4. Smarty Pear Leo’s Loo Too – Covered Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box  
Cats make for really warm and affectionate companions, but cleaning their litter box on a daily basis isn’t fun. The Smarty Pear Leo’s Loo Too is a smart automatic self-cleaning cat litter box that automatically sifts after each time your cat uses it. The device is powered by a whisper-quiet motor, featuring a triple-layer safety protection system, and powered by advanced safety technology and smart sensors that completely stop all moving parts whenever your cat is using it. The unit also integrates a large waste drawer equipped with a lid and carbon filters for odor-elimination, plus a programmable UV light inside its waste drawer that thoroughly sterilizes your cat’s waste and eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The device’s inner drum is designed to be fully removable, letting owners easily change the litter and clean its interior. Via the Smarty Pear App, owners can view activity reports of their cat’s daily usage of the unit, and the device sports Voice Assistant support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.  
5. SquarePet VFS Lineup – Veterinarian-Formulated Natural Dog Foods 
$27.99 (4.4 lbs. bag) // $95.99 (22 lbs. bag)  
For dog owners looking to address specific nutritional needs for their pets, check out the SquarePet VFS Lineup. This is a collection of premium diet-based dog food solutions made only with the highest quality natural ingredients that were developed by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and experienced PhD animal nutritionists, specifically formulated to help support different dietary needs for each dog, including digestive health, food/ingredient sensitivities, joint health, sensitive stomachs, and other special needs. SquarePet’s VFS Lineup includes 5 different dog food diet formulas, which are the VFS Active Joints, the VFS Ideal Digestion, the VFS Low Fat Formula, the VFS Skin & Digestive Support, and the VFS Low Phosphorus Formula. As their names suggest, each formula is particularly formulated to address a specific health-related dietary need.  
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6. Old Trapper Beef Snacks – Smoked Beef Jerky & Deli Beef Snacks  
From $10  
Man’s best friend deserves a treat, too. For times when dad wants to share some delicious meaty treats with Fido, go with the Old Trapper Beef Snacks. These delicious beef snacks include wood-fired smoked beef jerky bits available in 3 distinct flavors: Old Fashioned, Peppered (with fresh black pepper), and Hot & Spicy (with spicy red pepper flakes), as well as beef snack sticks available in 3 delicious flavors: Original Deli, Jalapeno for a little spice, and Teriyaki for an added hint of sweetness. Old Trapper Beef Jerky is the 2nd largest beef jerky brand in the world. Each bag features its signature clear packaging that lets you see exactly the quantity and quality of the product that you are getting. Each piece of jerky is tender and perfectly seasoned. 


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