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Image credit: Kiryl Balbatunou/Dreamstime
From the August 2023 issue of E&T: sports, phones, headphones, hairstyling, desks, even puddings can be transformed with technology.
This Italian gelato maker is the size of a food processor but makes a single-serve ice cream from a ready-made ‘brick’ of mix (packs of two cost £3.50) in just five minutes. You tell the companion app the flavour, the machine does the rest.
From £369 
Read Caramel’s full hands-on review. 
These carbon-fibre sports insoles return energy for a higher vertical, faster speeds, fewer injuries. Silver are more affordable. Platinum, VKTRY’s latest, are a custom orthotic version of the Gold, tailored to your foot impressions. A game-changer.
North America gets Dyson’s new wet-to-dry hair straighteners first. The Airstrait promises to stretch and straighten with no hot plates and no heat damage. A precisely angled, high-pressure blade of air straightens wet hair as it dries it.
Children will love these cosplay-ish wireless headphones with animal ears. You’ll love the parental controls that let you limit volume to 75, 85 or 94dB. There’s a built-in mic, they fold up, Bluetooth battery life is 24 hours and they can be used wired too.
(Available in the UK from Amazon and elsewhere.)
Motorised desk with collision detection and four presets: it moves to your preferred sitting/standing height at the touch of a button. This new model adds embedded Qi wireless charging, USB-C as well as a drawer and a sleeker design than predecessors.
Nokia’s first phone designed for longevity and repairability. It has a three-year warranty and home repair kits from iFixit start at £5. Replace the display (£44.99), battery (£22.99), charging port (£18.99). Keeping your phone longer reduces e-waste as well as saving money.
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