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Prasad 28 June 2023
Razer Headphones Gaming
Razer has announced the Moray in-ear monitor, which are designed primarily for streamers with all-day comfort in mind.
The Moray feature a hybrid dual-driver design with a balanced armature and a dynamic driver in each ear. The detachable braided cable connects via an MMXC connector and terminates in a 3.5mm L-shaped connector. The IEM come with silicone and foam ear tips and Razer claims -36dB of noise isolation. Also included in the packaging is a carry case.
Razer claims the Moray has full-range audio courtesy of its dual-driver design with a focus on vocals and dialog. There is also THX certification but this means even less than it usually does considering Razer own THX, a fact they rarely mention.
The Razer Moray are available from Razer stores and retailers for $130.
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