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Samsung 2nm process
Samsung unveiled its ‘Foundry Vision’ at the Samsung Foundry Forum 2023, and the company announced that it will start mass production using the 2nm process in 2025 and then expand to HPC in 2026 and Automotive in 2027.
Samsung is looking to address its customer needs in the AI era and it will be expanding its production at its Pyeongtaek fab Line 3 (P3), you can see more details on what it has planned below.
The company will begin mass production of the 2nm process for mobile applications in 2025, then expand to HPC in 2026 and automotive in 2027. Samsung’s 2nm process (SF2) has shown a 12% increase in performance, a 25% increase in power efficiency and a 5% decrease in area, when compared to its 3nm process (SF3).
Mass production of SF1.4 will begin in 2027 as planned.
From 2025, Samsung will begin foundry services for 8-inch gallium nitride (GaN) power semiconductors targeting consumer, data center and automotive applications.
To secure the most cutting-edge technology in 6G, the 5nm Radio Frequency (RF) is also under development and will be available in the first half of 2025. Samsung’s 5nm RF process shows a 40% increase in power efficiency and a 50% decrease in area compared to the previous 14nm process.
Samsung is also launching the “Multi-Die Integration Alliance” in collaboration with its SAFE partners. You can find out more details about Samsung’s roadmap for its Foundry business over at Samsung’s website at the link below.
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