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One of the more difficult shots to master in photography is capturing lightning manually, even if your reaction time is exceptional. It also involves a fair bit of luck, even for professional snappers. That’s where this handy gadget comes in.
While there are a number of camera triggers on the market, the FLEX BOLT lightning trigger from photography and video equipment manufacturer MIOPS, on sale on Indiegogo, is specifically designed for, you guessed it, lightning. Triggering the camera shutter in milliseconds, it takes the human guessing game out of a good storm shoot. As for the luck, you’ll still need some of that on your side.
Simply sit it on your DSLR’s hot shoe and connect the cable to the trigger input, then control light sensitivity through a phone app. Both day and night shoots are accounted for, as you can adjust levels on your smartphone via Bluetooth. However, it can also be wired to your phone if connectivity is an issue.
The lightning trigger works on a huge range of cameras from the likes of Canon, Nikon, Sony and many more; just find your camera when selecting the cable that works with your model. It also has a rechargeable, as well as a replaceable, battery.
Head here for a step by step guide on how to set up your trigger, from the makers MIOPS.
Of course, it’s also worth pointing out that, on average, 28 people die from lightning strikes in the US each year, and it can strike miles away from where it originate in the storm. So take care when shooting if you’ve got no option but to be outdoors with your equipment.
Get the trigger and cable for a discounted US$109, and it also ships worldwide. And check out the video below to see the FLEX BOLT in action.
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