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PlayStation 5 SSD
PlayStation gamers looking to expand the storage of their PS5 console might be interested to know that IRDM has this week announced the launch of its new PlayStation 5 SSD taking the form of a PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD storage. The controller used is a high-tech eight-channel Phison PS5018-E18.
It is compatible version of the NVMe 1.4 protocol. IRDM PRO SLIM is available in three capacities: 1, 2 and 4 TB. Such range allows to choose the right SSD for needs and expectations of the user, and reduces the risks associated with the drive filling up too quickly with games, programs or data.
The IRDM PRO SLIM is dedicated not only to PlayStation 5 consoles but also provide storage solutions for desktops and laptops, both for home and professional use. Unlike its predecessor, the new drive is offered without a heatsink, making it 100% compliant with Sony’s requirements for PlayStation 5 console drives.
Maximum read and write speeds are 7000/6850 MB/s, respectively. The PCIe 4 x4 NVMe interface delivers twice the speed of older 3 x4 solutions. The memory speed is also influenced by DRAM buffer of up to 2 GB, thanks to which the drive works stably even under heavy use.
Source: TPU

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