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Synology DiskStation DS223j NAS Storage
Synology has this week introduced its new DiskStation DS223j NAS storage solution providing up to 36 TB of raw storage. With the release of new DSM 7.2, expected in late spring, the DS223j will be the first J-series Synology NAS to support the Btrfs file system. This enables file self-healing to mitigate data corruption, as well as Synology’s Snapshot Replication feature. By creating frequent point-in-time snapshots, users can reverse unwanted and accidental file changes.
The DiskStation DS223j NAS storage system allows you to easily manage files securely, anytime and anywhere, using cross-device access, and with the included Synology Photos app. Back up, share, and organize their photos using intelligent management tools. Compared with its predecessors, the DS223j can handle more demanding tasks and a greater number of simultaneous users. “Experience more than 180% faster file indexing in Synology Drive and over 200% faster image indexing in Synology Photos” says Synology.
“The DS223j is an excellent NAS for small environments, be they home offices or even a bit larger,” said Michael Wang, Product Manager at Synology Inc. “With the DS223j, customers get energy-efficient hardware coupled with all the data management and protection tools they’ll need to effectively manage their files.”
For more information on the new DiskStation DS223j offering compact, quiet and energy-efficient storage for enthusiasts, home and small businesses. Jump over to the official Synology website where you can learn more about the Synology Drive multiplatform file access system that is available on PC, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Android, iOS, or any device equipped with a browser.
Source : Synology

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