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Ro, 30 June 2023
Samsung Android Rumors
According to sources familiar with the matter, Samsung is planning to re-launch the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in India in order to get rid of old stock. But this is not the S21 FE that’s currently selling in the country, we are talking about the Snapdragon 888-powered version. The one originally available in India was the Exynos 2100 iteration.
Right now, the Exynos 2100-powered S21 FE goes for around INR 33,000 ($400), while the Snapdragon 888 version will likely be released for INR 49,999 ($600), but with 8GB/256GB base memory configuration. The Exynos variant brings 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage by default. The rest of the specs are identical to the standard Galaxy S21 FE, but rumors suggest that there is a new color option underway.
The Galaxy S21 FE running SD888 was originally released in early 2022 and promised four major updates at launch and the report suggests that the refreshed Indian version will also be getting four years of major updates.
Well, in most cases, the updates after 2 years, are not Android OS updates, but just security updates. So, I think it should get Android 13, after all, its launched in 2022 starting. But 13 might be last. For remaining 3 years, I think only se…
I've read what you typed earlier, so Indian SD888 S21 FE released with Android 13? and still the remaining 3 got too?
This was so obvious to me. You know for few times in the last few weeks, S20 FE was selling even for higher price than S21FE in India. Older model selling for higher only means one thing:- its selling hard, maybe because the former has Snapdragon 8…
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