Samsung's ultra-fast 990 Pro 2TB NVMe SSD drops to its lowest … – XDA Developers

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Samsung’s standard 990 Pro SSDs are also on sale.
Samsung’s 990 Pro series SSDs are some of the best on the market. Now, for a limited time, you can get great discounts when you purchase the 1TB and 2TB models.
Samsung makes one of the best SSDs on the market right now, so if you're looking to upgrade your PC, laptop, or PlayStation 5, the 990 Pro series is going to be a stellar option. So what allows this drive to sit above the rest? Well, most importantly, you can expect excellent performance and reliability, but right now, you can also get an amazing deal on the standard model and the model with heatsink. Both 1TB and 2TB models are being offered with a substantial discount for a limited time.
The Samsung 990 Pro series is an SSD that really sits at the top when it comes to performance. The PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD is capable of read speeds up to 7,450MB/s and write speeds up to 6,900MB/s, which is quite a big jump from the previous model. The heatsink model offers added benefits that optimize the drive for maximum performance, even under heavy loads. The heatsink is also designed to fit in all types of configurations, whether it's going into a desktop, laptop, or even a PlayStation 5.
For those that desire more, Samsung's Magician Software will allow you to optimize the drive and monitor its health to ensure you can get the best out of the drive for as long as it lasts. With that said, performance is only one part of the drive's appeal with quality being the other. The Samsung 990 Pro series SSDs come backed with a five-year warranty, which should put one's mind further at ease when it comes to purchasing this drive.
Samsung's 990 Pro series SSDs are simply the best you can buy right now. On top of that, they are now currently on sale, knocking up to 33% off the MSRP, which makes this a very good deal. You can now pick up the 1TB model for just $100, while the 2TB model is priced at $180. If you're not really into heatsinks, or have one of your own, you can always purchase the standard version too, which is also one sale, with the 1TB model coming in at $90 and the 2TB model priced at $160 for a limited time.
Samsung's 990 Pro is truly pushing the limits of what PCIe 4.0 storage can offer. It offers the fastest transfer speeds we've seen so far for a Gen 4 drive while not costing much more than slower SSDs.
Samsung's 990 Pro is one of the fastest PCIe 4.0 M.2 drives you'll be able to buy. It's expensive, but with 2TB of capacity and speeds of up to 7,450MB/s, this is going to transform your PC into a monster.
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