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What is iCloud Plus
If you are unsure whether you need Apple subscription service to backup your photos and other data or you’re just interested in knowing what is Apple iCloud Plus. This quick guide will take you through everything you need to know about each feature included in the Apple service.
iCloud Plus represents an advanced, integrated suite of features offered by Apple to its dedicated iCloud subscribers. This comprehensive service takes data management and privacy protection to the next level, allowing users to securely store, access, and share various forms of content across multiple devices. let’s take a look at all the features that Apple offers in its iCloud Plus service and whether it is worth the monthly subscription price.
Apple iCloud+ features
This feature makes sure your high-resolution photos and videos are stored securely in iCloud. Users can access their complete collection anytime, anywhere. Plus, it provides a social touch by enabling content sharing through Shared Photo Library and Shared Albums.
iCloud Drive offers simple file management across devices. Integrated with Files app on iOS and iPadOS, Finder on Mac, File Explorer for Windows PCs, and iCloud.com, it ensures your files and folders are always within reach.
A convenient aspect of iCloud Plus, iCloud Backup, takes care of automatic backups of essential data on your iPhone and iPad, as long as you’re connected to power and Wi-Fi. This feature proves to be a lifesaver when setting up a new device from an iCloud backup.
Cloud Plus features
iCloud.com got a fresh look to help users better manage and edit their iCloud contents. A separate iCloud for Windows app is also available, granting PC users direct access to photos and files stored in iCloud.
iCloud Plus goes beyond file management, integrating services like Notes, Calendar, Photos, Safari, Passwords and Keychain, and Contacts. These services keep various aspects of a user’s digital life in harmony, from photos and browser tabs to passwords and contacts.
Sharing and collaboration are simple with iCloud Plus. It allows real-time updates to track edits in documents, files, and folders.
With its advanced privacy features, iCloud Plus places a high premium on user protection:
This feature offers privacy for your home security by recording and analyzing activity detected by security cameras. The end-to-end encrypted footage is then uploaded to iCloud, ensuring private viewing from anywhere.
iCloud Mail brings security features like spam protection and anti-phishing. It allows for the setup of an @icloud.com email address and the customization of your email with a personal domain through an iCloud Plus subscription.
The Messages service keeps conversations in sync across devices, with every message securely backed up and encrypted.
Finally, iCloud Plus offers flexible plans that can be shared with family members, making sure everyone reaps the benefits of iCloud Plus.
iCloud Private Relay is a significant feature that gives you an added layer of privacy when browsing the web. It works by encrypting the data leaving your device, which prevents interception and reading of your data. This includes restricting internet service providers and even Apple from accessing your web browsing data.
Hide My Email is a unique functionality that enables you to generate random email addresses when subscribing to a service or a newsletter. This helps you maintain the privacy of your primary email address.
The HomeKit Secure Video feature connects your home security cameras to your Apple devices, giving you the added advantage of storing your video recordings in iCloud. Importantly, these recordings do not count towards your iCloud storage limit, and only you and the people you share your Home app with can view them.
iCloud+ takes email customization to a new level. With the ability to set up a custom email domain, you can now personalize your iCloud email account. This means you can use your domain for your iCloud email account, adding a professional touch to your correspondence while enjoying the built-in security and privacy of iCloud Mail.
iCloud Plus pricing
While we’ve given a comprehensive view of iCloud Plus, the real experience lies in exploring the functionalities it offers first-hand. All these features underline Apple’s commitment to privacy and security while also offering more utility to its iCloud users.  For full details on the Apple iCloud Plus service and pricing for your location jump over to the official Apple iCloud website for details.
United Kingdom iCloud Plus pricing
iCloud+ pricing UK

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