Amazon shoppers rush to buy $280 home gadget scanning for $129 – it’ll save you so much time… – The US Sun

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SHOPPERS have been rushing to buy an Amazon home gadget that's scanning for nearly half-off its original price, and it could save homeowners some serious time.
The eCommerce giant has axed the price of its eufy RoboVac 620 Hybrid robot vacuum at a 48 percent discount.
It's currently sat at a price of just $129.99 from its original starting value of $249.99.
According to Amazon, the time to take advantage of the deal is now, as it's the lowest price point the product has had in the past 30 days.
Eufy's RoboVac 620 is also popular among Amazon customers, garnering an overall 4.2-star rating from over 300 reviewers.
One reviewer noted that the device helps considerably with gathering pet hair.
"We have a lot of animals so it is good to have this to keep up with the hair in the house," they wrote after giving it a four-star rating.
"I convinced my mom to try it out and it's been a great investment. Works perfectly in her small ranch house with wood laminate flooring throughout, and handles the bathroom rug like a champ," another added, awarding the eufy RoboVac 620 a five-star rating.
A third wrote: "Among the robots I've owned, this one stands out as my favorite."
The high-tech robot vacuum comes in a sleek black coloring and offers a two-in-one service with mop mode and vacuum mode.
This makes it easier for the product to transition between floor types.
It is also equipped with what the brand calls "Dynamic Navigation," which "divides the cleaning area into 13 ft x 13 ft zones and cleans them one by one" and cleans in a Z-shaped pattern for maximum coverage.
Additionally, eufy boasts that the product is equipped with at least four different suction modalities, with the highest level offering "2,500 Pa of suction power."
The discounted vacuum also supposedly offers a quiet volume level when it runs, and eufy claims it sits at a level lower than the sound of a microwave.
It's also less than three inches tall, which should help it get under hard-to-reach places and save users even more time.
Amazon Alexa owners can also pair the vacuum up and initiate its cleaning sequences through voice commands.
Although controlling it from a smartphone through the EufyHome application works efficiently for most customers.
Eufy also offers at least three other models of the RoboVac for customers looking for tech upgrades and higher levels of suction.
The first, the BoostIQ RoboVac 15C Max, is at a 32 percent off sale of $169.99 from a $249.99 starting price.
The BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Max has no discount at $249.99.
For those looking for the highest suction power and greatest upgrades possible, the RoboVac L35 Hybrid has a price point of $399.99.
Sales could be issued for these versions of eufy's robot vacuums during the upcoming Amazon Prime Day on July 11.
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