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Amidst months of rumors and anticipation, Mobvoi has finally commenced its Beta Program, inviting users to test the upcoming Wear OS 3 update. Those with TicWatch Pro 3, TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra, and TicWatch E3 models are eligible. Expected to be released in the latter part of this year, possibly in Q3, the Wear OS 3 upgrade has generated significant buzz within the community.
A couple of months back, a video surfaced that appeared to show a Mobvoi watch running Wear OS 3.5. This has added fuel to the fire. To remind, no Mobvoi watches, have been formally announced as being compatible with Wear OS 3 or later. Apart from Watch Pro 5, of course, which was launched about a month ago.
The company has refrained from making an official statement regarding these rumors. But the initiation of the Beta Program speaks volumes. It suggests that a Wear OS 3 upgrade is indeed on the horizon. Mobvoi has taken a proactive approach by opening up the program for users to test the new software.
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The Beta Program is expected to get underway soon. Participants will have the exclusive opportunity to explore the enhanced features and functionalities of Wear OS 3. This testing phase will play a crucial role in refining the software and ensuring its seamless integration with Mobvoi watches.
As always, when participating in a Beta Program, there are some conditions you will need to agree with. Confidentiality is particularly important.
Participants in the Beta Program are encouraged to actively engage throughout the testing phase by testing the software thoroughly and sharing their feedback. Mobvoi says that it values the insights and suggestions from users. This is because the info will help improve the overall performance and user experience of Wear OS 3.
In order to maintain the utmost confidentiality of the beta version, participants in the program are obligated to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This essential document emphasizes the significance of preserving the privacy and exclusivity of the testing phase.
Participants are strictly prohibited from sharing any details. This includes pictures, videos, or logs of the watch, through social platforms or any other means. Discussions and exchanges related to the beta version should be limited to the designated beta test group.
During the evaluation phase, participants are likely to encounter issues or bugs that need to be addressed. That is normal with all Alpha and Beta software versions. Mobvoi may request additional information to assist in identifying and resolving these issues effectively. For example video demonstrations and relevant log data. Users with experience in using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) will be given priority consideration for their ability to provide detailed insights.
The Beta Program is open to owners of the following Mobvoi smartwatches: TicWatch Pro 3 (GPS & LTE), TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra (GPS & LTE), and TicWatch E3. If you own one of these timepieces and are interested in participating, you can apply by filling out a questionnaire provided by Mobvoi. It can be found on this link.
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