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If you’re on the hunt for a new laptop or desktop PC, you better stick around, as we’ve got a bunch of awesome deals on tap for you today. HP’s currently holding its fourth of July sale, which means you can save up to 67 percent on select products plus free shipping. Rad, right? If you’re in no mood to go looking for those “select products”, you’re in luck, as we did most of the heavy lifting for you. From powerful desktop towers to productivity laptops, as you’ll see below, we went ahead and assembled the best deals available right now. Read on to learn more.
The pickings below are great, but we’ve got to call out the HP Omen Transcend laptop in particular. It’s powerful as heck (check out those specs!), which means it should have no problem zipping through most modern titles on the High or Ultra graphics preset.
We’re big fans of desktop PCs here at PCWorld. They’re powerful, easy to upgrade, and the warranties can be worth it. If you’re strapped for cash, you should really consider picking up the HP Envy TE02-0250xt desktop tower, which is listed below. It has enough oomph to run most games on the Medium or High graphics preset and it’s over $500 off. You really can’t go wrong with that.
The HP USB-C G5 dock is a simple one-cord setup, which helps keep your desk as organized as possible. It’s also universally compatible with non-HP laptops.
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