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Adding these top-notch light gadgets to your arsenal will ensure you are set up for success in each game.
Arcade shooter fans have been chomping at the bit for the next big thing. Yearly Call of Duty releases have taken a backseat to Call of Duty: Warzone 2, and the Battlefield series seems to be in dire straits with the botched release of Battlefield 2042. A small team of independent developers is aiming to give fans a comparable experience to the golden age of these franchises, though, with the newly released BattleBit Remastered.
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BattleBit Remastered aims to replicate fan-favorite parts of the arcade shooter experience while still adding value through increased mechanical depth, taking clear inspiration from milsims like Squad. Since the game features an incredibly quick time-to-kill, it's important for players to strategize how they'll approach a fight. It's an absolute necessity for players to consider how best to use these light gadgets out on the battlefield.
The binoculars are great for long-distance recon, especially since many of BattleBit Remastered's maps are absolutely massive. This gadget allows players to spot enemies for their teammates and set them up for long-range kills. The biggest advantage the binoculars have, though, is that they don't give away players' position with a scope glint! Using this gadget lets players get a little more versatile with their weapon attachments, as it becomes far less necessary to outfit rifles with highly magnified scopes.
On the other hand, there are two other binoculars that serve as straight upgrades to the basic model. These binoculars are great for new players, but as soon as they unlock other options, they're sure to leave this gadget behind.
In an FPS game with wide-open maps, it becomes especially pertinent for players to create their own cover. The M320 smoke grenade launcher does just that, firing rounds that create dense clouds of grey smoke that obscure the enemy's vision. This gadget can be used for crossing enemy sight lines, blitzing enemy positions, or dragging wounded teammates back to safety.
This tool is an incredibly useful part of any loadout, but its importance is offset by the fact that players can bring smoke grenades into battle by equipping them in the throwable equipment slot instead.
The repair tool is the only gadget that can restore the armor integrity on friendly vehicles, making it an invaluable asset to the team. It enables teammates to land by friendly engineers rather than go all the way back to the spawn to restore the vehicle's health.
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Whereas most gadgets can be used across multiple classes, the repair tool is limited to the engineer class, forcing players that pick the engineer role to play closely around teammates in vehicles. Since the engineer also carries many anti-vehicle gadgets in the heavy gadget slot, the repair tool has a lot of class synergy that provides some of the best utility in the game.
The advanced binoculars are a straight upgrade to the binoculars, allowing players to see even more details across the battlefield. This model features an optical zoom, allowing players to see even further than the original binoculars. Players still won't be producing a scope glint while they use this tool, making the advanced binoculars a stronger competitor to highly magnified scopes.
In the hands of a skilled recon, advanced binoculars can enable assassinations over hundreds of meters. Without the scope glint revealing their position, this light gadget lets snipers stalk their prey like a ghost.
The C4 allows players to set down powerful explosive traps, but they need to be placed with some intentionality. Unlike other explosive gadgets, the C4 needs to be manually detonated, meaning players need to be aware of the area in which they set their trap. The force of these plastic explosives far surpasses that of other gadgets, however, making them a very powerful asset on the battlefield.
The biggest downside of this tool is that players might need to throw two or three blocks of C4 at vehicles to destroy them. The upside, however, is that a player can create space between themselves and the C4 before detonation, meaning they can wield the power of these tools without being sent back to the respawn screen.
The soflam variant of the binoculars is the most powerful variant, building on the advantages of the advanced binoculars. The binoculars soflam have the highest zoom of any set of binoculars, and they also come with a built-in range finder to identify how far away from a player a particular enemy is.
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The massive downside to the bino soflam is that it can only be carried by the squad leader, which limits the impact these binoculars could have unless the leader is working with a tightly coordinated squad. Even still, these are definitively the strongest binoculars in BattleBit Remastered right now, far surpassing the utility of the other sets of binoculars.
The claymore is a great anti-personnel explosive for close-quarters combat. Many BattleBit Remastered maps feature densely packed urban areas, with tight streets and shady alleyways to duck into. This is where the claymores shine; placed around corners, a panicking enemy is sure to trip them, depleting their forces swiftly and efficiently.
Players that like holding down buildings will also find claymores useful, as they also work wonders when placed on stairs and around doorways. The only downside to the claymore is the tripwires protruding from the front. If an enemy player is attentive enough, they'll likely see the wires and shoot the claymore, blowing it up without causing any damage. Even still, these are extremely powerful light gadgets, and players can find a use for them in many situations.
One of the best ground vehicle deterrents in BattleBit Remastered is the anti-vehicle mine. This gadget is great for stopping vehicles from barging into areas with high foot traffic. They do massive damage to any vehicle that runs over them, and they're harder to spot than C4 explosives.
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Even when anti-vehicle mines are spotted by enemy vehicles, they sometimes still have use in deterring troop transports from continuing their onward push. These light gadgets are great for funneling enemies in from one direction, making it easier to control the battle.
The anti-personnel mine is one of the most powerful "set and forget" explosives in BattleBit Remastered right now. It functions much like the claymore, as it gets laid on the ground as a trap for the enemy team. Unlike the claymores, the anti-personnel mine doesn't have tripwires that the enemy might see.
Instead, if an enemy steps on the mine, it produces the same explosive effect that the claymore would have. This light gadget can guard buildings, lay in wait on roads, or be placed anywhere where one might expect player foot traffic. It features some of the best attributes of the claymore and the anti-vehicle mine, which are both extremely powerful tools in their own right.
BattleBit Remastered is available now on PC.
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