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Best Buy has gone all-out with its 4th of July sale, as you’d expect. That means there are some fantastic discounts on seemingly everything you can think of. Whether you’re looking to buy a cheap washer/dryer bundle, a new TV, something Apple-related or simply a pair of headphones, there’s a great price here. With so much available, we strongly recommend clicking the sale button below to see what’s out there. If you need a little guidance though, keep reading while we take you through a few highlights.

There are a lot of washer/dryer bundle deals as part of the Best Buy 4th of July sale which is why you should click through above to see specifics. However, we have to call out one deal from Samsung. You can buy a Samsung 4.5 cubic feet high-efficiency top load washer along with a 7.2 cubic feet electric dryer, . The top-load washer has plenty of room while also providing a quiet wash every time you use it. An extra high water level means your items are thoroughly soaked while there’s a self-clean feature to keep bacteria away from your drum. It has five temperature levels, while the electric dryer has four temperature levels. It also has three additional drying options to provide optimal care for all fabric types.
If you’re kitting out a kitchen, there’s also a sweet deal on Samsung kitchen appliances. Buy two appliances and you save $75 while there’s $200 to be saved on three appliances or $350 off when you buy four or more appliances. With additional savings involved, you could buy the  for $1,100 instead of $1,350, along with the for $750 instead of $990 and save $565 off the combo. Click through and see what else is available to save big.
TV deals are similarly great with the for $200 reduced from $350. Will it rival the best TVs? No, but if you want something more high-end, there’s always the   with $700 off so it’s down to only $600.
For anyone seeking out a laptop, the   is down to $500 so you’re saving $300 off the regular price of $800. With a stylish 2-in-1 design, AMD Ryzen 5 processor, 8GB of memory and 256GB of SSD storage, it’s great for working on the move. All the great advantages of HP being one of the best laptop brands are here.
For great headphone deals, buy the so you’re saving $70 off the regular price of $200. They’re great for blocking out the world with adaptive audio ensuring you don’t have to keep tweaking the volume all the time. They’re particularly well-suited if you want excellent earbuds for your runs or workout sessions, but they have good battery life for commuting as well.
Whatever you’re looking to buy, you need to check out the Best Buy 4th of July sale. It’s a truly vast thing of wonder and once you click through, you can pick out the categories most relevant to your needs. You won’t regret seeing what’s out there with some great discounts around today.

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