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When I was a boy, my father always took me to see the latest James Bond movie as soon as it was released. The best bit for me wasn’t the glamorous women or the crazy car chases. The most enjoyable part for me was the spectacular gadgets, those handy little gizmos that Q created for Bond to use in his struggle against SPECTER assassins as he fought for Queen and Country. Those gadgets always had me on the edge of my seat.
Fast forward more than four decades and today, we are overwhelmed with Bond-style devices like smartphones and GPS trackers. Technology has finally caught up with 007. The latest Bond gadget to cross my desk comes from Philips. The VoiceTracer audio recorder pen can capture every word in an important meeting or conversation with a Russian double agent in a public park.
With its sleek design and ease of use, the VoiceTracer pen has a built-in 360° microphone that’s highly sensitive and can pick up voices with clarity. Starting a recording session requires the simple press of a button, making it easy to use while providing a discreet way to record conversations and meetings. Press the same button to stop the recording session when the chat is finished.
The VoiceTracer pen from Philips can record up to 129 hours of conversation and includes an 8-hour … [+] rechargeable battery.
Inside the VoiceTracer is 32GB of memory for storing recorded conversations. As well as capturing almost 130 hours of voice recordings, the memory can also store regular data files. For example, you could keep a copy of your passport or other essential data you might need when traveling, such as air tickets or secret service files.
The pen includes a rechargeable battery, so there’s no need to buy disposable alkaline cells. Transferring data is easy. Plug the VoiceTracer into the USB port of a PC or Mac and then play the files directly off the drive or move them to the computer or another storage drive.
As well as recording conversations, the VoiceTracer is equally suitable for jotting down ideas on paper. And it’s even possible to turn any recordings made with the pen into text using Sembly’s AI Speech-to-Text cloud software.
To upload files to a computer, simply plug the pen into a USB port on a computer and transfer the … [+] sound files.
Automatic transcription of sound files is a godsend for someone like me who interviews people and then slogs away, transcribing the recording into editable text. It’s a long-winded process unless you upload the sound file to a service like Sembly, which automatically converts recordings to text and then emails a file to you in moments.
Verdict: This handy little pen is an excellent way of casually recording meetings or conversations. It’s also ideal as a digital note-taker when traveling. The 32GB built-in memory is large enough for most people’s needs and can record 129 hours of audio.
Pricing & Availability: The Philips VoiceTracer Audio Recorder Pen is available now and costs £99.
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