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Gotta get away? Make sure you don’t let burglars in during your summer vacation.
“The worst thing to do is broadcast to the world you’re taking a vacation — including posts on social media, letting your mail pile up, car sit in the driveway and other obvious signs that your house is basically a target,” said Jennifer Jolly, tech columnist for USA Today and creator of
Jolly said common sense is just the first step. Next, consider taking advantage of easy and often cheap technology to be an extra sight of eyes on your home.
Ring has expanded its product line to include a battery-operated HD video camera. That makes for an easy, quick installation. And home security systems have come down greatly in price as well. Most have cheaper monthly fees than traditional alarm companies and can be set up quickly.
And Jolly suggested taking advantage of tech you already own. Store vital medical information in your iPhone should emergency responders need it. And remember that smartwatches like the recent Apple Watch models allow you to call 911 with a simple button push.
How to use Emergency SOS:
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