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What OpenAI learned from talking to 22 countries
OpenAI’s recent global tour provided insights that are shaping the future direction of the company. The OpenAI team engaged in conversations across 22 different countries, traveled across six continents, visiting 25 cities, and conversing with a wide array of people – from users and developers to policymakers and the public.
During the global tour, OpenAI found that its users and developers were creating valuable applications with its AI models. Examples ranged from high school students in Nigeria using ChatGPT to simplify complex study topics, to civil servants in Singapore incorporating OpenAI tools to deliver public services more efficiently. A grocery chain in France even utilized OpenAI tools to help customers reduce food waste.

There were also shared hopes and concerns about the impact of AI. Many expressed enthusiasm about the potential for AI tools to expand access to personalized education and healthcare, boost economic growth, and reduce administrative tasks. However, concerns related to misinformation, economic displacement, and the risks of increasingly powerful models were also raised.
Policymakers showed a keen interest in AI, focusing on safe and beneficial deployment. OpenAI found that leaders were consistent in their desire to maximize the benefits of AI technology while implementing appropriate measures to manage its risks. Policymakers also emphasized the importance of ongoing dialogue with leading AI labs and expressed interest in a global framework to manage powerful future AI systems.
The global tour allowed OpenAI to reinforce its core values. For instance, it reassured users that it does not train on API customer data and highlighted its focus on building safety mechanisms for both AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and current AI products.
Following the global tour, OpenAI plans to focus on the following areas:
OpenAI’s capped-profit model, unique in the AI industry, ensures that as AI becomes more powerful, profits can be redistributed to maximize the social and economic benefits of AI technology. The company is committed to building safe and beneficial AGI, but also sees its mission as fulfilled if its work aids others in achieving this outcome.
It seems that he global tour was a valuable learning experience for OpenAI, offering a chance to hear from the communities who interact with and are affected by its technology. The feedback received is shaping OpenAI’s future direction, with an increased focus on product accessibility, the development of governance practices for highly capable models, and the promotion of AI literacy.
As more information is made available on updates being made to the ChatGPT AI service we will keep you informed as always. In the meantime jump over to the official OpenAI website to learn more about what the company learnt from its world tour.

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