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iOS 16.5
Apple recently released their iOS 16.5.1 software update, this update fixes some important security issues in Apple’s iOS software, and they have now also stopped signing the previous version of iOS, iOS 16.5. Apple also released a new update for the iPad last month as well, iPadOS 16.5.1.
What this means is that if you have updated your iPhone to iOS 16.5.1, Apple then you will no longer be able to downgrade your software to the previous version. Apple normally does this weh. they fix some important security flaws in iOS and they don’t not want people to be exposed to those security issues.
If you have not yet updated your iPhone to the IOS 16.5.1 software update then it is recommended that you install this software on your iPhone and it will get rid of the security issues that were present in the previous version.
Apple is also working on iOS 16.6 at the moment, this software is currently in beta and we are expecting Apple to release the final version of this software before the end of July, we do not have an exact release date as yet. As soon as we get some details on exactly when the new iOS 16.6 software update will be made available, we will let you know.
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