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There are occasions when you have to get creative in a warzone, so make sure you support your squad with the best Battlebit gadgets and bring home the easy win.
Paul Kelly
What are the best Battlebit gadgets? Having the bigger gun, and the best aim, is exceptionally important in a game where you have a massive target painted on your face. Racking up kills for your team is perhaps the simplest way to win the war, but there are other ways for you to help your team. Battlebit gadgets are pieces of equipment that you can deploy on the battlefield that hinder the enemy in ways that shooting them can’t.
It may come as a mild surprise to many, seeing Battlebit Remastered storm the Steam charts, but as soon as you get into a game and witness the refined chaos first-hand, you understand. It fills the Battlefield hole that not even Battlefield could fill, and despite its pared-back graphics and modest system requirements, Battlebit is a riot, and well worthy of your time. With that, you’ll want to win when you play, so here is every Battlebit gadget so you can blow your enemy back to the stone age.
Depending on your chosen class, you’ll have access to several different gadgets as you make your way through the ranks. The gadgets you unlock will complement the class you’re playing, like binoculars for the recon class, or the repair tool for the engineer.
You can equip two gadgets at a time: a primary, and a secondary. This gives you a lot of room to craft your perfect loadout depending on how you want to go about your business.
The best Battlebit gadgets are:
Here is every gadget in Battlebit Remastered, its class, and when you unlock them:
Now you know every Battlebit gadget, it’s time to get out there, start ranking your class, and truly start supporting your team. If you yearn to take your battlefield experience on the move, we have the answer to if Battlebit works on Steam Deck. For the veterans amongst us, we have the best Battlebit guns here so you can be the ruthless killing machine your mum always told you you’d be.
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