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Use technology wisely
The thoughtful use of technology by parents and early educators can engage children in key skills such as play, self-expression and computational thinking. It is important to hone in on the age and develop appropriate teaching. Comprehensive sexuality education lays the foundation to teach children about things like respecting personal boundaries, gender roles, good and bad touch etc. 
Amit M Patel, doctor
Use tech under parental guidance
Technology can help educate children about good touch and bad touch and aid parents in monitoring their child’s safety. However, it’s important to combine technology with parental guidance and open discussions.
Gopi Raval, professional
Technology is future of learning
Yes the latest technology will help students understand good touch from bad touch. Schools with audio visual smart classrooms can explain this topic in a fun and easy yet comfortable manner to kids. There are also several smart watches and bands available in the market which provide many child safety features. 
Agam Shah, student 
Physical presence important
I don’t think gadget or technology will be as useful as parents or teachers’ explanation in a class/workshop. Indeed, only benefit of gadget/technology will be the safety and for alerting the parents when kid feels insecure or is in danger. 
Luvv A Sanwal, writer
AI is good but not always
Artificial Intelligence can improve people’s life but the impact would be visible only when everyone can access it. But how will it help in a time when even tech-savvy kids are capable of operating apps that cut them off from the world? 
Ritu Patel, homemaker
Definitely useful
Such gadgets or technology will be useful to encourage children, parents and even the government system to understand, explain and solve the real challenges of the society. 
Ashabhai Patel, retired teacher
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