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Michail 04 July 2023
Meta Social networks
Meta will launch its Twitter competitor – Threads later this week on July 6. The social networking app is already listed on the App Store with the option to pre-order the app now. Android users will also get Threads soon as evident by an app listing on Google Play. There’s also a webpage for the service which is yet to offer a login page or any other useful information.
Threads on the App Store
Threads on the App Store
The official name for Meta’s upcoming Twitter competitor is “Threads, an Instagram app” and as evident by the app screenshots, users will be able to sign up via their Instagram accounts and automatically have their username, followers and other account info migrated. The new social media app is titled as “Instagram’s text-based conversation app” and it features a similar app interface to Instagram.
Threads app UI Threads app UI Threads app UI Threads app UI
Threads app UI
Posts will come with like, comment, repost and share options and will offer threads for better user engagement. Users will also be able to add images to their posts. Threads is reportedly using ActivityPub which is a decentralized social media protocol also used by Mastodon.
It is gonna fail.
Too many social media apps. No need.
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