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Microsoft Teams as been specifically designed to help improve our productivity at work in the way we communicate both with internal colleagues and external customers. The platform’s dedication to enhancing collaborative efforts through continuous improvements is noteworthy. Its latest update in June 2023 is no exception, and you will be pleased to know that it includes several new features, each uniquely designed to foster team cooperation, streamline workflows, and enhance overall user experience.
If you’re wondering how Microsoft is driving educational enhancement within Teams, its integration with Microsoft Viva Learning might interest you. This feature allows users to discover, share, and learn directly within Microsoft Teams. It offers a wide range of content types, such as articles, videos, and even full courses. The move positions learning right at the heart of teamwork, offering employees an easily accessible, in-line tool to expand their skills and knowledge.
To provide users with more control over their meeting environment, Microsoft Teams has introduced the Room Remote app for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android. This feature brings more flexibility to your meetings by transforming your Android device into a remote control. You can use it to join a meeting, adjust audio and video settings, or even control the content being shared.
If you want to improve cross-organizational collaboration, the simplified external access should prove beneficial. The new Microsoft Teams update allows for more straightforward connectivity with individuals outside your organization. It eliminates the need for the manual provision of external access, making it easier to collaborate with partners, vendors, or clients.
One of the most significant changes is the increased file upload limit. This change allows users to upload files up to 250GB in size, marking a considerable increase from the previous 100GB limit. This should come as welcome news to users who often deal with large files, such as 3D models or video files.
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As these updates are rolled out, teams can leverage these new capabilities to create a more interactive and flexible collaboration environment. Users who frequently deal with large files will especially appreciate the expanded file upload limit. While the simplified external access also promises smoother collaborations with external contacts.

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