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Samsung is set to broaden the health-monitoring capabilities of its Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro smartwatches by integrating overnight skin temperature checks. The new feature, which has just begun its Beta phase, was spotted in the change-log by Korean users who have downloaded the One UI 5.1.1 Beta.
Currently, the use of skin temperature readings on Samsung watches is restricted to cycle tracking for women. This is a feature that was introduced in April as part of a software upgrade. The tool was developed nearly nine months following the release of the fifth-generation smartwatch series. It is a product of a joint effort between Samsung and Natural Cycles, a firm committed to enhancing women’s health through state-of-the-art fertility solutions.
“Skin temperature measurement during sleep: Create a more comfortable sleep environment by measuring how your skin temperature changes during sleep. (Galaxy Watch5 or higher).” reads the One UI 5.1.1 Beta change-log.
Both the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro have temperature sensors that are based on infrared technology. However, until very recently the smartwatches did not make any use of these sensors. With the launch of its skin temperature-based menstrual tracking feature, Samsung has put this sensor to use.
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Tracking an individual’s skin temperature via a smartwatch, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series, could provide significant insights into a person’s overall health and wellbeing. Big players in the industry, including Fitbit and Whoop, have already implemented this feature into their respective products. It’s expected that Samsung’s temperature function will perform comparably to these competitors.
This means, instead of providing precise skin temperature measurements, the smartwatches will highlight variations in temperature. Users can monitor these readings overnight to detect if their body temperature is deviating from their baseline. Such information is invaluable. It allows users to spot potential health concerns, manage their fitness regimen, and receive tailored health advice.
We foresee that the public availability of skin temperature readings on Samsung watches will occur during the summer season. With the expected unveiling of the Galaxy Watch Series 6 towards the end of July, it would reflect poorly on Samsung if the activation of this feature on the existing series were to be delayed significantly past this timeframe.
Currently, the UI 5.1.1 Beta is only available in South Korea. In addition to temperature tracking, it introduces some other notable features and improvements to Samsung’s Android 13 skin. These are compatible with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+ and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra:
Multitasking Improvements: The Recent Apps screen now offers an improved app preview. This includes the state in which an app is running, such as split screen, fullscreen, or pop-up. It also enables direct switching from a pop-up screen to a split screen by dragging the pop-up window to the desired side. Users can conveniently move the pop-up screen out of sight and then retrieve it when needed.
Taskbar Updates: The taskbar can now display up to four recently used apps. It automatically adjusts its area depending on the number of icons displayed. This change enhances the ease of selecting the home button, recent apps button, and back button.
Enhanced Flex Mode: This update broadens the usage of the Flex Mode Panel across a range of apps that support multiwindow screens. It provides improved media control options, and the ability to customize the toolbar for added convenience.
Quick Share Updates: File sharing has become more accessible and secure. Users now have the ability to set an expiration date on a shared file or unshare it at any time.
Samsung Health Upgrades: The sleep coaching content and design have been improved to provide a clearer picture of users’ sleep progress.
Camera and Gallery Enhancements: Users can now customize the watermark’s date and time notation, select multiple photos at once in capture view, and apply effects more easily with dials replacing sliders.
Additional Changes: These include the ability to use your phone while wirelessly charging other devices, more efficient storage management with My Files displaying app cache information, and improvements to Device Care’s memory management feature, among others.
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