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It’s not often we see an excellent deal on a gaming laptop, especially one packed with powerful specs under the hood and with a 17-inch screen like the M17 R5. Of course, this does tend to make the laptop relatively bulky, but that’s a fair trade-off for the deal from Dell bringing the m17 R5 down to $1,200 rather than the usual $2,350.

We rarely see high-end gaming laptops running an AMD GPU, but given that they’re cheaper overall while still being powerful, we appreciate seeing them, and in this case, the M17 R5 runs an AMD RX 6850M XT. If you’re not as familiar with the AMD lineup, that’s roughly equivalent to an RTX 3080, so you’re getting the sort of performance that will let you run most modern AAA games at high graphical settings and framerate. It helps that the 17-inch screen only runs at FHD, so it doesn’t tax the GPU as much. On the other hand, the screen can hit a 360Hz refresh rate, so if you’re a big e-sports player, this laptop is essentially tailor-made for you.
Speaking of e-sports, if you plan to stream yourself playing, the AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX CPU is powerful enough to let you both stream your game to Twitch or Youtube. As for productivity, the CPU can handle complex tasks like graphical or audio editing, and the 32GB of DDR5 RAM makes programming and CAD use a breeze. In fact, the only real nit-picky part about the M17 R5 we could find is the 1TB of SSD space, which is certainly fine for most use cases, although with how big most modern AAA games are, storage space might become an issue after a while.
Overall, the M17 R5 is an impressive device, and while it doesn’t run at 2k or 4k resolutions, it’s truly a beast of a laptop, and with the massive discount from Dell down to $1,200, it’s a steal as well. Of course, we still encourage you to check out some other great gaming laptop deals, especially if you’re ok with compromising the refresh rate for resolution.

If you’re looking for a 4k monitor with relatively budget pricing, Dell’s 32-inch monitor, aptly named the S3221QS, is a great option. Even better, due to the Black Friday sale in July, you get a pretty great discount from Dell, bringing it down to $330 from the usual $399. It’s also a curved monitor, which is excellent for content watching, and while they aren’t as common anymore, this is a great deal to pick one up.
Why you should buy the Dell S3221QS 32-inch monitor
One thing we appreciate about the Dell S3221QS is that it’s a VA panel, which is something that sits in the middle of usual TN panels and IPS panels. That means you get great viewing angles, in this case, 178 degrees horizontally, and great image reproduction. It also supports HDR playback of content, and while this won’t be as good as HDR you might find on mid-range TVs, it’s a nice addition, especially since it bumps up the monitor’s peak brightness to 300 nits. That means you can use it in a well-light room and with indirect lighting relatively easily, and the anti-glare coating certainly helps with that too.
You may be confused to hear of a Black Friday deal in July, but it’s mostly what most retailers call their big July sale, which they often use to compete with and profit from Amazon’s Prime Day. As such, many great deals are floating around, including from Dell, which has a discount on pretty much everything, from laptops and PCs to monitors. So, without wasting too much time, let’s jump right into some of their best deals.
Dell 27 Monitor SE2722H — $120, was $160
If you’re looking for a great budget monitor, you don’t have to go further than the Dell SE2722H, which gives you a great VA panel and thin bezels for a great viewing experience. While it only comes in an FHD resolution, it does have a 75Hz refresh rate, which isn’t necessarily ideal for gaming, but if you’ve grabbed one of these cheap GPU deals, it’s a nice option. You also get AMD Freesync thrown in, which we appreciate, and the 178-degree viewing angle means you don’t have to be head-on all the time, so it’s great if you want to use it for console gaming, especially with something like the Xbox Series S.
If you like the idea of MacBook devices but aren’t as appreciative of their price or the need to be in the Apple ecosystem, Dell has your back with their XPS lineup of devices. In fact, Dell just put out some truly excellent discounts across the three different sizes; the XPS 13, 15, and 17, so you have a lot of choices to pick from! That said, it’s always worth checking out these other laptop deals as well if you want some variety.
Dell XPS 13 — $849, was $1,099
The Dell XPS 13 is Dell’s answer to the MacBook Air, and while it doesn’t have the latest and most advanced M1 or M2 chips, it’s still relatively robust and, equally important, much cheaper. Under the hood, you’ll find the 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1250U, a mid-to-high tier chip that will easily handle all the productivity tasks you throw at it and some editing tasks. The 16GB of DDR5 RAM is plenty fast, and the 512GB of storage should be more than enough for most folks. While the screen only runs at an FHD+ resolution, it can hit a whopping 500nits of peak brightness, which means you can use it almost anywhere, including outside during the day. As for battery life, you’re looking at around 16 hours or so, depending on use and screen brightness, but either way, it’s still going to be more than enough for most folks!
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