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Peter 04 July 2023
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While one ZTE team is preparing for the Red Magic 8S Pro launch tomorrow, their colleagues are working on the next camera flagship. Ni Fei, the President of ZTE Mobile Devices, posted an image of two camera modules – one belonging to an old ZTE phone and one to an upcoming model. Both modules are the same size (22.5 x 22mm), but one clearly has a much larger aperture.
The camera module for the upcoming ZTE camera phone (left) and the old module (right)
The camera module for the upcoming ZTE camera phone (left) and the old module (right)
A previous teaser for a nubia phone showed a close-up of a camera island with two labels clearly visible – “35mm” and “Ultra sensor”. 35mm lenses are commonly found on nubia z-series phones (and some Axons). The most recent launch in the family was the nubia Z50 Ultra in March.
A teaser for a nubia camera phone with a 35mm lens and an ''Ultra sensor''
A teaser for a nubia camera phone with a 35mm lens and an “Ultra sensor”
Anyway, Ni Fei’s post talks about the camera going “beyond an inch”, but something may be getting lost in translation – ZTE just doesn’t have a phone with a 1” type sensor and going beyond that seems unlikely. Maybe this refers to the performance of the camera, the wider aperture allowing it to match (and possibly exceed) others that do have a 1” sensor.
We might get a hint about the new camera phone tomorrow at the Red Magic announcement, which will include not just the 8S Pro but also the Red Magic Gaming Tablet and Dao TWS buds.
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