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Last updated: July 5th, 2023 at 04:56 UTC+02:00
In April 2021, Samsung released the Quick Share app for the Windows OS. It allows people to transfer files wirelessly between Samsung’s Windows laptops and Android phones/tablets, making it very easy to exchange files between the two platforms. However, its Windows app was exclusive to Samsung laptops, meaning you could not install the app if you had a Windows device from any other brand. Well, that’s changing today for good.
Samsung has released a new version of the Quick Share app on Windows (v1.4.40), and the update’s change log mentions that the app now “supports Windows PCs of other companies.” In other words, the Quick Share app on Windows can now be installed on non-Samsung laptops/desktops. With this app, you can now transfer files between your Samsung smartphone/tablet and any Windows machine. There is, however, a catch.
According to the changelog, Quick Share will only work on Windows devices with Intel’s Bluetooth driver version 22.50.02 (or higher) and Intel’s Wi-Fi driver version 22.50.07 (or higher). It means the app will work on only those Windows devices that feature Intel’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cards. If you have a Windows machine with a network card from any other manufacturer, such as MediaTek, you won’t be able to install Quick Share, which is disappointing.
That being said, Quick Share isn’t the only way to transfer files between Windows and Android. You can wirelessly transfer files between the two platforms using Microsoft Phone Link or Google Nearby Share. Both apps offer the same functionality as Quick Share. So, even if your Windows machine isn’t supported, you aren’t missing out on anything drastic. We wish that Samsung made the app available for all Windows devices.
Samsung Quick Share v1.4.40 For Windows
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